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Critical Power Doesn’t Appear to Work in Beta Patch & Other Things

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Also, Arcane Bodkins doesn't seem to work with critical headshots.

Elf Longbow damage untalented; Headshot – 7,725, Headshot(Critical) – 9,850

w/ Arcane Bodkins; Headshot – 8,800, Headshot(Critical) – 9,850

And Hero Power Bonuses seem quite strong.

w/ Eldrazor's Precision; Headshot – 8,900, Headshot(Critical) – 11,325

It also does more bodyshot damage than Arcane Bodkins clearly.

Seems odd to me that Handmaiden would outclass Waystalker in ranged, though more to the point, one talent seems to completely outclass another.

… And Daughter of the Hunt does nothing afaik.

If I could be so bold as to sort of derail my own post, I just want to get my 2 cents out, and there isn't too much discussion material either, crit power doesn't work, discussed.

What I want from the Devs 1. New patch with phantom hits and quick swap fixed, along with lowered spawns for specials(no duplicate spawns), and allowing all gear stats to apply all the time. Its not intuitive to have 5% crit on three different pieces of equipment, but only +10% crit. This would also help bridge the new gap in difficulty, and give crit oriented builds and careers(and possibly temp HP on crit) more love.

  1. Complete overhaul of the special mobs. Specials should be treated like PC's being controlled by bots. Their abilities should have reasonable limitations and cooldowns, and ideally, this would be done in a way that actual players could control specials in a PvP mod(plz).

For example, gutter runners are known for leaping across fields, missing, and instantly poofing out before trying again. The pounce would have a 10 second cooldown , smoke bomb 20 second, but if he gets a player and downs them, he gets a free smoke bomb, making it imperative to save teammates before he wipes everyone(or at least that's the idea), and the pounce would have a reasonable range attached to it.

So ideally, all specials would have knowable, counterable abilities with reasonable cooldowns. And no duplicates, there's no reason to have two hookrats or blightstormers or what have you. And obviously they shouldn't be spawning in LoS of players.

  1. Complete overhaul of talents. Meaningful choice for different playstyles. That is your mantra. Every talent should alter and affect the playstyle of the career. If Daughter of the Hunt and Arcane Bodkins worked they'd be decent examples; one seems suited to longbow headshots while the other might be better for spamming swiftbow. At the same time, glaives really enjoy bonus headshot damage, while a spear might want stronger crits. Meaningful choice for different playstyles.

  2. Longevity, mat sinks, goals. Stuff like exclusive hats for each career that cost 100 gold dust, just because. Exclusive hats for every career for champion and legendary skittergate. Most people won't play skittergate after they've beaten it. Well, now there's incentive to play it at least 30 times. Though you might see people getting kicked for not having it, I ultimately think it just needs to happen. Not the kicking, the cosmetic rewards.

I also wouldn't be opposed to the other boss maps dropping guarenteed, fixed-roll reds for champion(maybe only 5 book) and legend. For example, War Camp might drop a class specific red melee weapon, that's always the same, and unable to be re-rolled. For example, Saltz would get a rapier. Not every Saltz player even wants a Rapier, it might not have the best rolls(Stam and Block Cost Reduction or something), it would be up to the devs…. or, it could have unique traits that are maybe kind of strong, like "Sidearm Pistol suffers no damage falloff"

Bubblegum Halitosis might drop a charm or trinket, and this might be the same for everyone, or different versions for each class, also possibly with unique and fun traits.

And you could farm them, give the extras to Olesya to be broken down into 'Artefact Fragments' which can be used to craft a red item like any other, though should obviously not be too easy.

I think that's it, I like this game, you probably do too, it just needs some TLC is all

One last thing, PvP is huge, a functional PvP mode that lets me take my geared out elf into PvP and 360 no scope someone as a gutter runner would be pretty great. As I mentioned earlier, this could maybe be done, in part, with a rework of the specials(though idk if the maps could support the gameplay, plz make PvP map DLC), and long story short, I think it'll make players a lot better, right now specials don't seem to have as much counterplay as they should and it's somewhat disheartening to a lot of new players. Take those players though, and let them play as the specials against people who know how to handle them and even though specials are now pulling off insane coordinated plays, it suddenly feels more open to counterplay and is generally more fun.

My 2 cents, if this goes against some rule and a mod wants to delete, no hard feelings. Probably won't even respond to anything and just go back to lurking. Crit power doesn't work, YSK.

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