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Curious as to fatsharks reponse to community backlash due to broken promises.

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - Curious as to fatsharks reponse to community backlash due to broken promises.

Has there been a public statement from Fatshark regarding the title? From reading the sub reddit, it would appear that Fatshark is the devil who broke all their promises, and then stabbed the community in the heart while we were looking up to them, waiting for a response.

There's always two sides to each story, so what's theirs? Here's what I know; please correct me if I'm wrong. I purchased V1 years ago after watching TotalBiscuits video on the game, put 200 hours into it, bought all the DLC, and considered it one of my favorite games ever.

When I heard that V2 was going to come out I was more excited than I have been for any sequel in a long time. I pre-purchased the game, which is something I almost never do, and convinced my other friends who bought/played the first game with me to do the same. We put quite a lot of hours into just the beta. I personally put in a little over 70 hours, and was extremely happy to see that unlike a lot of the other games I've played recently this sequel was actually a huge improvement over the first game.

I watched/read almost anything I could get my hands on from Fatshark about the game, and their plans moving forward. I'm sure you guys all know, as it's been beaten to a pulp all the things that were promised but were not in the game, so I won't go into detail here. But, to be honest I was having so much fun with the game itself, putting 300 hours into it without including beta time that not having cosmetics, or being able to change my keep, and etc wasn't a huge deal for me. I saw that they were patching the game a couple times a week, fixing a lot of the issues. There was a fundamental issue with how power worked that required a lot of work on their end to fix, so it made sense to me that the deadline they had in place for dedicated servers, cosmetics, DLC would be pushed back, and to be honest I was fine with that, as long as they continued to work at the pace they were with patching the game.

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What really started to frustrate me, was when I started hearing about the resources being spent on the console port. Putting the fixes for the PC on hold for months, when they were suppose to be in the base game, or a couple months after release to focus most of their manpower on console, is completely unethical. So, I'm wondering if Fatshark has explained their thoughts on why this is acceptable; was it just a deadline set by the publisher? Did Fatshark just want more money at the expense of their integrity?

From the look of things this would appear as a bait and switch, promising things in the base game, that were not included. Then promising to add them in the next few months, which also turns out to be a lie. Then stopping what would appear all work on the promised content, to work on a port of the original game. I personally believe that once the console port is finished we're going to get everything that was promised to us a few months after the release, but I want an answer as to why I was lied to again, and again, even if the answer is 'There was unforeseen issues with the PC game, that pushed back deadlines for the DLC, and etc, but we couldn't push back the console port due to commitments with the publisher, so we were forced to pull all our resources towards that. We're very sorry for disappointing the community, and lying about content drops. We will strive to do better in the future, and as soon as the console is finished we will work our asses off to get dedicated servers, and the DLC out to you guys.'

As it stands now I don't think I'll continue to support Fatshark by purchasing the DLC, or buying future projects until this is cleared up.

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