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warhammer 8 - Current state of Vermintide 2

Just curious what your thoughts are on the current state of VT2.

Personally, my last week or two of the game haven't been very positive, I find a majority of the games I'm joining to have 150+ ping despite using the medium matchmaking option and very good, as well as wired connection.

The quality of quick play matches have been terrible lately for me, I can only assume it's due to summer. The majority of my matches have been with inexperienced or overall, just bad players who shouldn't be playing in legend. They won't stay together, listen to in-game commands "patrol!, come here!" and often go down multiple times in a single match and don't tag enemies, it's quite exhausting and overall ruining my enjoyment with the game. I find myself currently leaving matches quite often now, when I feel like the team is going to be bad or just incompetent, where in the past I wouldn't leave at all. Note, I'm not rude to inexperienced players or bad players, like some eltists.

The loot system is becoming quite tiresome as well, collect all the tomes, grims and a few loot dice as well as quick play bonus? Too bad, RNG Ranald's said no, it's just quite silly. I recently opened 50 emperor vaults followed by 30 – 40 general vaults and got a small handful of reds, most of which were charms, the rest were duplicate weapons, except for maybe 1 or 2.

Certain properties on items are just… useless… the trinket will always have curse resistance, usually followed by 5% crit chance, maybe, very rarely 10% cooldown reduction, why are there so many useless properties?

Why is Sienna so neglected, she's the least chosen character and for good reason, the only thing she does maybe better than anyone else is horde control but she's just so lackluster. Her Bright Wizard career Ultimate constantly gets stuck on the smallest pebble, her melee weapons are terrible except for the Crowbill which is such a boring weapon, if you don't use it, you're significantly handicapping yourself. Her Unchained career is quite literally the worst tank in the game, as if she maxes her heat she instantly dies, unless you have her Ultimate, which again is kind of useless, as I found it doesn't even knockdown oncoming enemies in most cases. Pyromancer is my favourite of her careers but still not very good, her ultimate is pretty weak, I compare this to Way watcher's ultimate which kills more enemies and can 1-hit Chaos warriors. Most of her staves aren't very good and aren't worth using.

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Sword and shield is pretty awful, as it does little to no damage, what's the purpose of shield pushing when you could kill them with literally any other weapon?

I've become increasingly tired of bugs and glitches. Enemies spawning directly behind you after you checked, enemies attack distance increased, enemy attack direction not properly displayed. Dodged that enemy attack? Nope. Teammate died and dropped a tome? It's gone. Specials and patrols spawning literally infront or ontop of you? Oh, well. I really wish instead of making more DLC, they would focus on fixing the base game. It isn't fun when your limited on improving yourself due to technical or gameplay issues.

Why are all the cosemetics so terrible? Vermintide has a vast universe to choose and pick from but the best we can get is a recolor? What a joke. Hats and their abysmal drop rate, I'm at 360 hours and only have a very small amout of hats.

The DLC maps from VT1, we're said not to be just a copy paste with improved graphics but that's quite literally what they are, with some very small, minor things added and changed tome / grim locations, as for the other DLC, I never bought it, didn't find the maps worth the money.

Overall, I'm disappointed with the current state of the game or perhaps I'm just burnt out and should take a break or move onto a different game. I didn't cover all the issues the game currently has but these were what came to mind. What're your thoughts on Vermintide 2 currently?

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