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Daily Quests

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I think the daily quests are a bit boring right now.
For nearly all of them you don't even have to look at the questboard.
Especially for somebody like me who plays all characters anyways, the Daily quests don't add anything to the Game, besides a few emperor chests from time to time.

I think you should get more Daily quests with more interresting tasks and different rewards, depending on the difficulty of the quests.

for example:
– Emperors Vault: Behead 20 Elites in one run on Legend Difficulty with a sword.

– Emperors Vault: Kill 15 Specials with a headshot in one run on Legend Difficulty.

– Emperors Vault: Get less than 150 Damage in on run on Legend Difficulty.

– Commendation Chest: Kill 20 Elites in one run on Legend or Champion Difficulty.

– Commendation Chest: Make 30 Bomb kills in one run on Legend or Champion Difficulty.


– Emperors Chest: Kill 300 enemy on Veteran or Higher.

– etc.

In order to prevent that players have to compete against each other, players shouldn’t get the same daily quests. It’s already done that way in the game Dauntless for example.
There are 55 weapons in the game. if there are at least two diffenrent quests for each weapon, that can be completed on different difficulty’s, i think its very unlikely to get matched with a player with exactly the same quests.

If there are weapons that are not legend viable (Krubers one handed sword or sword and shield?), then there shouldn’t be quests where you have to use them on legend.

Also i would realy like to get back the System from V1 where you could archieve keys to get certain equipment.

What do you think?

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