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Darktide mechanics discussion thread because there isn’t an official sub yet

warhammer 8 - Darktide mechanics discussion thread because there isn't an official sub yet

Ok first of all, the hype is real. I've been thinking about this game for like 2 hours straight now. All the possibilities are driving me mad so I just wanted to throw some basic stuff out there and see what you people think, see if a dev magically shows up to confirm something (unlikely but worth a shot), etc.

1. The Characters

In the teaser trailer 4 regular looking guardsmen (not wearing tempestus gear, mind you, just regular folks it seems) going on some sort of reconnaissance mission for their inquisitorial sugar daddy. The boys have a bit of a giggle over a flashlight and run into an active crack den in the wilderness. This hints at them being the main characters.. I mean, it's just logical. That's what they did for vermintide 1, and most would assume they'd advertise the main cast of characters first.


In some promotional art, displayed in this article:
warhammer 40k darktide release date gameplay everything we know - Darktide mechanics discussion thread because there isn't an official sub yet

https://www.pcgamer.com/au/warhammer-40k-darktide-release-date-gameplay-everything-we-know/, a different group of four is displayed. Apparently an ogryn, perhaps an inquisitor (what with the servo-skull and all the funny equipment, these are typical of inquisitors), what may be either a guardsman or a stormtrooper, and a mysterious hooded figure.

So which is it? Are we getting the stock dudes as protagonists? Which I'd enjoy, maybe having a cast of characters made more unique by the subtle differences between them instead of being utterly foreign to each other might be a healthy change of pace. Maybe the guy who's flashlight kept going out would be the new guy in the group, always babbling pathetically about how scary what the group's doing is, perhaps he's an obscura addict because a constant drip of that narcotic is the only thing keeping him from panicking in combat. lots of potential.

Or, perhaps, we'll get the fanciful array of unique characters. Which could also be interesting. I don't see how you could give much life to a dazed sack of meat like an ogryn but they did fine with bardin in the vermintide series so perhaps that won't be too much of a problem.

2. The Classes

Running off what I said about the characters. If we do get the regular old guardsmen squad (which I'm admittedly biased towards), maybe the balance of players would be more focused on equipment. Maybe each character would have small differences, each with a different set of activateable abilities (or just one) that give small boosts to the player. These would serve to compliment an era of armaments that form the real foundation of the player's power. I imagine you'd get a certain number of credits to start a match. With these credits you'll be able to mix and match different items together. Say you want to do a build for a character. You'd think about whether you want it to be balanced between playstyles or not. If so, then you might want a solid ranged weapon, as well as some decent utilities, a sidearm for desperate measures, and a fine melee to save ammo when you can. A less moderate build might focus on melee, purchasing an exceptionally powerful melee weapon, but having only a sidearm to use in your offhand, if one at all. Maybe you'd put all your units of equipment purchasing power into a fancy plasma gun, but with that power in tow you'll have to make due with requisitioning just a simple knife, or a rinky dink peashooter of a sidearm, maybe no utilities at all (I'm thinking grenades and other such stuff with that term).


This entire section was just complete speculation on my part, no idea what they'll actually do.

3. The Enemies

Once our heroes (or maybe heroines uwu) stumbled across the aforementioned crackden, they encountered many poxwalkers (nurgle zombies), and what appeared to be a large enemy of some sort. This photo (from the same pcgamer article):
https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/H6Licx6e8DHUxXsZ889fQK.jpg, appears to show some kind of large enemy. It might be a chaos ogryn, or something else entirely.

These are good starts. Whether the ogryn-thing will be a standard enemy or not is yet to be seen. I'd like to see something like regular cultists, to complement the poxwalkers. Think something like the cultists from the dark vengeance boxset. You could have one variety with autoguns (think our time's assault rifles, peashooters in 40k), and one variety with melee weapons and autopistols. They wouldn't do a ton of damage on their own (though they could en masse) and they would serve more to keep the players in cover while the poxwalkers and whatever other nasties they had closed the gap. That would be a super interesting gameplay obstacle to work around.

I have literally nothing else to speculate on for the enemies. I know even 20 guardsmen would be dabbed on with ease by a plague marine with his hands tied up his sphincter so I'm not going to suggest that. I don't know how the power level of daemons changes from fantasy to 40k but I assume they'd be weaker just due to all the weaponry. Fighting plaguebearers would be super cool, hearing a mass of droning voices constantly counting in the distance, getting louder as you approach, would put hair on anyone's bosom. Maybe if they do genestealers in the future there would be more cool stuff there too, though I know space hulk: deathwing already touched on them. So many possibilities. Would be cool if they expanded into more cults. Khorne, slaanesh, and tzeentch don't get much love in the vermintide games.

Anyway, post over, sorry for the poor writing. Please respond to what I said or throw any idea you have at the wall. I now have yet another reason to be desperate for 2021's arrival. Hopefully the mega-aids or ww3 doesn't get us before release day.

Also, dev-senpai, give me info. Please. I need it. You're job will be fine, don't worry.

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