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Dear Fatshark, please make more unique skins

warhammer 2 - Dear Fatshark, please make more unique skins

I'm sure we all appreciated that you guys took a step in the right direction by changing cosmetics from RNG to a store, but you faced a lot of backlash because you replaced daily missions' rewards with 5 shillings. I believe this backlash happened for two main reasons, the obvious one is that 5 shillings is a measly amount and instantly made no one care about dailies. The second one though, is that cosmetics just aren't interesting enough. I wanna preface this by saying that I understand that you guys put time, effort and love into these items but I want to give you the perspective that my friends and I have had, and I believe I can speak for a large portion of the community. I'm not saying the cosmetics are bad, I just think that you guys should focus more on differentiating the cosmetics, instead of pumping out variations of one design.

Your weapon skins are mostly great, Sienna's purple melee weapons need some love, but overall I have had no complaint grinding a reasonable amount for a worthwhile reward.

You headgear is very hit and miss. Once again, Sienna needs some love. Pyromancer has like 7 slightly different arrangements of candles, UC has like 6 slightly different types of metal face plate with spikes and BW has basically the same as Pyro but with torches instead. Other characters generally have slightly different versions of their normal headgear with maybe a slightly different colour. If you're lucky, the most expensive non-microtransaction headgear will have a kinda different design. Overall, headgear is barely worth purchasing, because the amount of grind needed is not worth what you get.

I'm sorry to say this, but the body cosmetics are fucking boring. Don't get me wrong, pallet swaps are acceptable, but the only colours that seem to exist are brown, dark green and grey. The colours that cosmetics change out do not stand out whatsoever. The biggest exception to this is ironbreaker, his armour has options for gold, light green and light blue, which look really cool.

Cosmetics are there to be seen, that's their only purpose. Whether to be seen for self expression or to flex, they're only valuable if they can be seen. When you're playing, you can't see your head and body cosmetics, so they need to noticeable to other players to be worth grinding for. The point of buying the most expensive cosmetic for a character is to say "Yep, this is my main and I am really good at him/her," to set yourself apart from people with peasant skins. I guarrantee, if you added a yoghurt cup to unchained's headgear options for 1000s, it would look fucking dumb and take no effort but people would buy it more than they buy her other headgear. It's far more important for cosmetics to look different than it is for them to look cool.


Ofc, jokey items (like Zealot's pig) should be few and far between to avoid ruining immersion constantly, but I still strongly believe that you guys should focus a lot more on making different designs, rather than changing the old ones. I know for a fact that it still takes hours upon hours of work to make these altered cosmetics, so I would much prefer it if you saved yourself the hassle and focused on making the cosmetics look different. At least one option for each class that really changes it up, while still keeping in line with their character would make for a perfect high-end item (also please make dailies worth more). The occasional immersion breaking item like Tron skin or something would be incredibly satisfying if it was super expensive. Imagine the flex as you join a lobby with a Tron skin.

For pallet swaps, you're going to be spending a lot of effort doing it so you may as well spend a bit more time making sure it'll stand out, because the return on investment will be huge. Once again, a high end pallet swap should have features that set it apart from others. Examples of this could be highlights, small but attention catching model changes, clear symbols drawn on, multiple colours where one colour used to go, colours that look vastly different to the character's normal style, immersion breaking colours, or a combination of these that draws from designs in lore. I know the lore people would love it if a character's class had a costume that made them look like a renowned version of that class in warhammer lore, ie. Ironbreaker could have the skin of some famed ironbreaker regiments in warhammer lore. Idk that much about it but I'm sure you'd find something. Also in my experience with annodising metal, shiny red metal looks fucking awesome so please get on that, since red also fits with the firey nature of IB.

We want models that go against the grain (hehe) and stand out. Contrasts are really good, if a character wears all leather/cloth, add a bit of metal. If a character has one specific colour scheme, experiment with adding highlights of the opposite colour, or even making it the main colour. Personally I think a well-done white Shade skin would actually look really cool, or one that incorporates a tasteful amount of armour. They need to stand out though, so contrasting colours won't work if they both look like they're cousins of brown and grey, like they are currently. I get that it's the end times and everything is brown and grey but please, just for the high-end skins, assault my eyes a little bit.

This is just my two cents on the issue but I'm sure I'm not alone.

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