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Dear Fatshark, please reconsider your streams

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I understand this is something of a kneejerk reaction, but I do think it needs to be said. It's largely agreed upon that today's livestream was, in the lightest words possible, a bit of a mess.

Well honestly, it was an absolute joke. Far worse than any of the admittedly underwhelming, uninteresting streams you had during the V1 era.

I hardly need to explain why. It was a waste of everyone's time that told us next to nothing and didn't touch on any of the issues you would expect to be touched upon, such as when our next updates are coming, at least. You'd think the DLC would at least receive a mention even if it's being delayed.

Instead we spend an INSANE amount of time discussing a patch that already released (good gods I thought the 1.0.6. in the announcement was a mistake…) and then constantly get sidetracked by le funni meme giveaways.

Perhaps the biggest drop in the bucket is the fact that, hilariously, you people asked for questions on all your social media, and then proceeded to answer the dumbest, most obvious questions possible – and you didn't even say anything. All we learned was that you're still working on the game. If you can't actually answer anything the community is interested in with any specificity at all, then don't bother, please – because this is worse than nothing.

In all honesty, this was immensely embarassing. If I hadn't been half awake at the time, I would have cringe-catapulted my entire intestinal tract right out of my mouth. It was absolutely embarrassing, for everyone involved.


It's understandable that you got the reputation of a dev who 'listens' and 'communicates' with the community. But if you don't have the time and resources to actually do that, then please don't waste your own time with livestreams like these. It is beyond me what audience this was aimed at, as while the release stream was arguably almost just as poorly handled, it at least had the excuse of being aimed mostly at people who had no idea what the game even was. Now, I heavily doubt that anyone who watched the stream wasn't following the game closely… closely enough to at least know what happened in 1.0.6. and why it happened. Or to be heavily interested in what we're getting and when we're getting it. Instead we got a rather boring patch note discussion, a lot of vague wishwash, and muh giveaways lol.

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Please don't waste your time if you don't intend to actually use these streams to communicate and give us new information that you couldn't have just tweeted out or made a blog post about. Don't smoke screen us to create the illusion of "interacting with the community" only to answer the most obvious questions, and poorly at that. Don't get our hopes up, don't waste our time, don't waste your time. I don't think my abdomen can handle another one of these.

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