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Deed Acquisition Rethunk

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So we got an update in the pipeline that's going to cut out lootboxes as the only middleman between us and finding the Red weapons we want. What about deeds?

For the sake of getting every reader on the same page, deeds are born of the crazy difficulty mods the community developed in Vermintide 1. All the enemies are stormvermin + specials are ogres (Stormvermin Mutation), more frequent hordes and specials (onslaught), more challenging than the highest difficulty (Deathwish) were all reimagined as the traits you find on your deeds.

Back then, you simply had to type out a command (/mutation) to turn on these challenging mods, and get your skaven-slaying muscles thicc. In VT2, you have to finish levels, open chests, and find deeds with randomized properties. Sounds fun until a month or two of play that the community reveals:

  • Deeds with good rewards are very rare.

  • Deeds with mediocre rewards are also rare.

  • Most groups prefer all-book non-deed runs, because it's more reliable in pubs for getting decent boxes

I'll just tl;dr now and ask: Wouldn't it be better if deeds were simply a page in the map selection menu full of modifiers to turn on/off? Have a crafting/admission cost instead of leaving their properties to RNG in chests? They'd be more expensive the more traits you enable, but also yield greater rewards. Maybe think of Bastion's difficulty modifier system. (http://bastion.wikia.com/wiki/Idols) (Increase chances of being rekt = more rewards, no RNG required)


First, I think the main benefit would be changing the end-game to something like where VT1 went naturally. To avoid endgame fatigue, without any significant modded-in rewards, the VT1 community wanted more challenge, so they made more challenges. With a system like this, people can simply take a break from traditional all-book runs to enable whichever deed traits whenever they want and just run a harder mission instead for the shiniest chests.

Second, I'm a big fan of Fatshark finding new uses for the crafting resources. There's very little to spend on once you're collecting Reds, and this would be a very easy outlet for wasting hundreds of dust/salvage on deeds with a chance to fail and lose what you spent, all while giving skilled players a new way to get general/emperor vaults.

Third, maybe good or bad, it would definitely get more people doing deeds as a norm. Having a guaranteed chance for Emperor quality chests/vaults by flipping a few toggles whenever you want would become a very tempting alternative to the average player's grind. It would definitely alter how a majority of people seek rewards, and could end up frustrating players who otherwise wouldn't want to do deeds.

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