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Deed Tweak Proposal

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Hey fellas,

A lot of people keep mentioning how deeds are fun but difficult to farm, which is true. And how they should be either intentionally farmable(?) or be able to switch them on at will.

I was thinking, what if they met halfway on that? If anyone here has played any of the older Halo games, they had these skull modifiers you could toggle on/off to add difficulty or silly cosmetic effects. What if they added similar modifiers to Vermintide, but matching the deed modifiers?


They would still grant regular experience, otherwise would try to find ways to cheese XP grind with them, but no extra loot. HOWEVER when you use a combination of modifiers that matches a deed you own, you can choose to redeem that deed for its reward.

If they decided to bring back the bounty board, this would synergize well since the bounty's operate using similar mechanics (for ease of use, you could always double click on the deed/potential bounty to auto-set your deed modifiers).

Does that sound crazy? Because it seems like it would resolve a lot of challenge issues for you masterful legends players.

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