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Did 1.2 do something to Legendary?

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Ever since the Bögenhafen update, I have noticed Legendary acting a bit different (harsher) than what it used to be. This might just be confirmation bias but my success ratio of legendary runs since 1.2 has dropped badly.

  • Chaff units (Slave rats, clan rats, marauders) hits for 50 damage on their basic swing attacks (not the charged overhead one). Feel free to correct me, but wasn't those attacks more in line of 20?

  • Spawning a single unit behind you frequency. This one is the most noticeable one. Just yesterday I had multiple "a single chaff unit spawns behind me" twice in a row, as in, I kill the single spawned enemy for the cheap shot attack, turn around to catch up, hear the "you are being attacked from behind" sound again in less than 3 seconds to turn around and see a new one appear. Like, come on.
    Worst example? A freaking Chaos Warrior spawning behind Sienna, and I was behind her so it popped up between us. And yes I also saw the video of the party where a Bile Troll spawned between the party.

  • Special cluster spawns. I am no stranger to a constant stream of specials of spawning. But 2xAssassin rats and a flame rat spawning right next to one another that's a bit more absurd than what I'm used to. Remember the "double spawn" bug (two exact same specials spawning on same location)? Well I am getting accustomed to double spawn+a friend spawning now. This also concerns Ambush spawns, as I have had clusters spawn literally on top of me killing me instantly or right in front of me and behind my teammates.

  • Higher Trigger Frequency. Let me explain how spawning enemies works in Vermintide. There are 2 things that makes it happen: The AI director's timer check and trigger boxes. The timer check (unofficial name) is the AI checking every X second since last Ambush to decide whether or not it should release a new ambush wave.
    The trigger check are invisible, non collition boxes spread through out a level. When you step into one. The AI director decides whether to spawn something or not (And the boxes are specific whether its gonna be a horde, monster(formerly known as bosses) or specials). Either I'm paranoid or the AI director have started to decide to just trigger it all at some locations. Like Boss + 2x Horde + 3 specials and another 3-5 specials over the course of a minute while fighting the boss. At some points this is just comical because the boss died early and specials just trickle in one at the time around a corner, like 3-4 of them one at the time like they're standing in line with their ticket waiting for their turn to go.

I know legendary is hard, it's my most played difficulty level, that's why it feels like something is off since the update. The current difficulty between Champion and Legendary almost warrants a new difficulty between them. Because Champion is such a cakewalk. But current legendary just feel cheap rather than difficult with how often it drops a single dude behind you at any time. Even during hordes. Literally we were fighting in a corner vs a horde and two slave rats spawned in the very tiny room directly behind us at the very edge of the corner against the wall.

My suggestion? At least give a minimum spawn distance between enemies and players. Give us some time to react to this more than the "woosh" sound. Also give Specials the same treatment so they don't all spawn around the exact same corner clipping into each other. Especially when it's multiple disabler specials.

This might all just be in my head, but it doesn't feel like it.

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