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Did Skittergate get a massive stealth difficulty spike?

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I used to see Skittergate as one of the easier maps, but several things seem off with it lately. As of now this map on legend is extremely unlikely to succeed in a pub run.

  • It throws out specials constantly and never stops. Seems like I kill 2-4 specials and another pair is right behind them. Par for the course on legend, but this map seems to do this more relentlessly than any other.

  • The constant specials immensely complicate some already difficult areas, like the big camp after Gatekeeper. Stormers casting from across the map, so far away they cannot even be pinged, sometimes through solid surfaces so they cannot be killed. Assassins pouncing from 500 ft away with no sound cue.

  • Blight Storm circle is extremely difficult to see in the snow-colored ground and uneven terrain. The storm circle does not incline itself on uneven ground, so it will clip into the hill and it will not be possible to see where the exact edge of the storm is.

The Gatekeeper fight is a complete mess at the moment. I always rolled my eyes at people who wanted to skip this map. No more. This fight alone is worth skipping the map, for numerous reasons:

  • Specials spawn half way through the fight instead of the end. It's not uncommon to get some awful combination like 2 stormers and 2 packmasters in the middle of the fight.

  • Blight stormers are usually impossible to kill in this area. They cast straight through wooden palisades and the gates.

  • The area is so small, the blight storm takes up almost all available space. Someone invariably needs to bite the bullet and get pulled up to stop the storm and buy time for the others to survive.

  • The area on the other side of the second gate loves to spawn a huge group of elites: chaos warriors, maulers, berserkers, pick your pu pu platter. They all rush in at the same time as the special spawns.

  • The fight comes relatively late in the map, after 15-20 minutes of play. With this massive anusfest list of problems with this fight alone, you stand a high chance of wasting a great deal of time to accomplish nothing due to a broken boss battle.

As of now Gatekeeper is by far the toughest boss fight in the game, far more difficult than any of the act bosses. And it's not by design, it's by mistake. He reminds me of Rasknitt months ago, when specials constantly spawned in the area throughout the whole fight.

The map in general seems to have become far more difficult all of a sudden. With so many hotfixes the past few weeks, did one of them tinker with this map?

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