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Difference between Xb1 and Pc versions

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I just came from a ~2 month break from the Pc to the Xbox. After gaining a lot of experience in how to play Vermintide 2, I figured it'd be fun to put that to the test,

I'm only level 15 as of typing this so no reds, no oranges, no good traits etc. I feel as though the ability bar charges much slower than it does on the Pc. I remember being able to do several backstab abilities with the shade from 1 conc potion (something around 4 or 5?) but this has now become about 2 on the Xb1.

For the handmaiden, the ability charge feels twice as slow or maybe even less. After reviewing a speedrun video, the guy in the video was able to do the ability nearly back to back while on my handmaiden I'm only able to do just about 3 before the potion runs out.

Did they change/nerf the mechanics of ability charging? Is it because I'm missing all of the talents (although I doubt it will make that much of a difference). Is the Xbox version just different?


Edit: Just tried on my HM on Pc. I was able to do the ability ~11 times. That does include +50% potion duration, but the charging time seemed at least 3 times faster than it is on Xb1. What's going on? Are abilities extremely nerfed on Xbox? Rip trying to get some of the Legend Achievements when conc potions do close to nothing.

Edit 2: Cooldown takes 20 seconds for HM on both platforms. However, I was only able to perform the ability 5 times with a conc potion. Given that I was able to do either 11 or 12 on Pc with +50% duration, I should be able to do 7.5-8 on Xb1. Are conc potions 50% less "potent" on the Xb1 verion? What is going on here?

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