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Difficulty based on party composition (steam friends vs randoms)

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Lately my group has been wondering and doing some super basic testing as to whether having a lobby of 4 before quick play increases the "difficulty" as opposed to having one or two grouped then doing quick play with randoms. Granted when playing with random hosts you never know what kind of CPU they have or other variables that could effect the spawns, but from our experience of the last 300 or so hours of legend recently it seems that when we all group up and do random maps the spawn are ridiculous compared to when its just one or two of us with randoms. We have started to take screen shots of each instance end result screens to compare total kills, total damage, elites, specials ect based on if we were all group or if we were with randoms. So far when we are all grouped in a full group together before selecting a match we have about 2k more damage per person (about 8k more damage in total) by the end of the game opposed to if we have randoms, and about 4x as many elites and specials. It is also common for us to get 2 bosses in one map, and every time specials spawn it spawns at lest 4 at a time. When playing with randoms we have far less elites and generally only get 2 or 3 specials at a time on the same difficulty. This made playing legend with randoms feel kinda like champ, but I think everyone in our group likes the challenge. This is not meant to be a complaint but just trying to figure out if there is an actual AI director difference or any other intended or non intended effect of being in a full lobby vs joining in a lobby with randoms.


PS. the sample size of screenshots from completed games is far too low to have actual sound statistical data, as I just began doing this a few days ago and have only played like 5 games with randoms, I am open to the possibility that this is all just coincidence.

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