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Diversifying your kit – Counting on vs Depending on your teammates

chivalry screenshot1 - Diversifying your kit - Counting on vs Depending on your teammates

You want to be able to count on your teammates, right? I see tons of posts on here about needing to find good people for Legend, and hopefully this will help people fulfill that desire.

There are four main groups of enemies in this game that we need to kill (in no particular order):

  • Chaff/Infantry

  • Elites

  • Specials

  • Bosses

I am of the opinion that whatever kit you choose should be able to (in general) kill all of these targets. If you specialize your kit too heavily towards certain groups, you risk becoming deficient in other areas of productive murder.

For example, consider the Waystalker with dual swords and a swiftbow; sure they can mow down hordes, but they will be at the mercy of whatever Chaos Warrior or Stormvermin pins them down. On the other end, consider an IB with 1h axe and a handgun; he should be a great elite & special assassin, but he will need to give ground and rely heavily on his teammates when the horde comes (this isn't a perfect example, as 1h axe can be made to work in hordes).


This is also why weapons like hammer/sword & shield and flame sword are so divisive; you are basically saying to your team "Armor? No, I expect you to take care of that." Same with IB & Sienna's flamethrower, "Specials? That's your job." To a lesser extent, I believe this effects the shotguns too, as you are very limited in your ability to kill Gasrats, Gunners, and Blightstormers.

It's this abdication of responsibility to your team that I think leaves a bad taste in player's mouths, despite whatever strengths you bring to the table. To put it shortly, you should be able to count on your teammates, but should not depend on them completely (to kill an entire class of enemies). If you are counting on your teammates to kill Blightstormers, they should be able to count on you for the same.

I suppose the TL;DR could be: Be the teammate you want to have on your team.

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