Warhammer: Vermintide

DLC Weapons we’d like to see.

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I thought I'd make this thread just to put discuss what weapons fatshark might add and what we' like to see in DLCs seeing as the previous games DLC weapons are included in the weapon roster for the most part.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

Markus Kruber:


  • Spear

  • Spear and Shield

  • Free company cutlass and pistol


  • Pistoleer pistols

  • Crossbow

  • Outrider grenade launcher

Bardin Goriksson:


  • Doomseeker axes (slayers use axes on chains bit like a flail)

  • Doomseeker great axe

  • Throwing axes (single axe plus a ranged axe using a similar system as the rapier) /

  • Runed sword (i know they don't really use swords much but they did and some characters still do)

  • Runed sword and shield


  • Trollhammer torpedo

  • Mining blast charges



  • Eternal Guard spear and shield

  • Driach (like a claymore)

  • Asrai wardancer spear (double tipped spear)

  • Single dagger


  • Swift shiver arrows (are incredibly fast and magical possible shotgun effect from multiple arrows)

  • Starfire arrows which do fire damage OR/AND Moonfire arrows also do fire damage (but are somehow different to starfire)

  • Sisters of Avalorn Bow (arrows and bow made of flames so possibly an overcharge weapon)

  • Pistol repeater crossbows

Also hagbane should be waystalker only really and be given a buff so they aren't pointless

Victor Saltzpyre:


  • Two handed flail

  • Duel wielding maces

  • Battle priest Hammer

  • Duel wielding flails


  • Pistol crossbows



  • Fire Flail

  • Flaming great sword


  • AoE fire blast staff

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