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Don’t be mean… (Bit of a rant)

warhammer 1 - Don't be mean... (Bit of a rant)

So the other night I came back from a long shift and had that urge for some visceral combat, that only vermintide can provide before crashing in my bed.

Now me and most others know that quick play is just not the best thing to try and do after a long day, as the game on console, at least, has some of the worst match making. Either you join a game that's already dead, super laggy or you just spend 10 minutes looking at a black screen, hearing the commotions of rat killing only to get the disconnected message.

But the most rage inducing, insulting thing to me is… when you finally connect to someones game who has an ok ping and before you can even pop out a 'greetings' you hear from the host's mic, 'No! Fuck off. You'll just die over and over.' and then you get disconnected with the message of 'You have been removed from the game'

Now this has happened to me 3 times while playing as Sienna/Unchained lvl 35… I'm still not heavily into the meta of the game nor do I really give a shit but after maxing Bardin (The god) and maxing Saltzpyre (The Immortal) I soon fell in love with Sienna/Unchained due to her class always making you be on your toes. Using her flame sword to just completely control mobs is a feeling of pure bliss but anyways I digress. I can only assume that the masses do not like Sienna players as she's hard to use for beginners, so many end up dying as her in peoples random parties. Yet the host was playing as Kirillian and not to judge but almost every Kerillian that I've played with, drops like a Mayfly on come down from crack and that's ok. If you die, you die, I'll do my best to help you up… end of story. I would never kick you out or just assume the worst the moment I see you.

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So after this elitist host who was playing as Kerillian, instantly assumed I was shit or unreliable due to my class choice, tried to then vote kick me out and thankfully the party did not accept, the other 2 players were cool and despite not having a mic, they simply emoted 'No' to the toxic Kerillian's protest. Btw thank you… who ever you two were. I can't stress enough how horrible it would of been to have been kicked out after trying for 20 minutes to find a game and to only be kicked out because of negative assumptions…


The host says a few more negative things about me like, 'You guys will regret it, trust me' or 'When you die can you just leave the game please?' and then the match starts up, quickly being one of the best matches I've enjoyed as the team apart from the host was on point. None of us apart from the host lost no more then half health and had a constant temp health going. The Toxic Kerillian… well She died 6 times… I still picked her up, still handed her potions, still used med kits on her, she was dead throughout the whole skitter-gate boss and at the end result screen she had under 100 kills. And that's ok… I don't take this game seriously and I only play on champion difficulty, rarely do I go any higher unless I'm with some friends and we feel like suffering. I love this game and love playing with randomers and if you die, so what, will come and get you back on your feet if we can, or get unfairly ganked by some of the most unfair spawn A.I i have ever dealt with :/ (Who the fuck thought it would be fair to spawn 3 gutter runners at once when there's only 1 player left alive?)

Anyway, the moment we got back to hub to collect our rewards, the host was deathly silent, until I heard him give out a quiet sigh and the session was abruptly ended. I didn't even feel like I got one over on him, I just felt sad that he was so negative to others, on a game that we all love and right now isn't doing too well (At the moment)

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Point of the story? Don't be a dick, this game can be very frustrating to enjoy with all it's current bugs and match making issues, the last thing we all need is toxicity and the next time a Sienna Joins your quick play, don't assume she's going to be shit… you may be surprised. Why do or say something that can hinder the growth of an already dwindling player base?

I love this game, I love playing with you peeps, new and old.

Just to add, I don't think the whole community is toxic, just the few out there who isnta kick while hurling abuse at people on the choice of character being used.

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