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Don’t be tHAT host

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As we all know, this game has some problems – host dependency, and likelihood of hosts dropping/disconnecting from games, leaving all party members lootless and XPless, is one of them.

I just got out of a game of legend Convocation of Decay, full book but no loot dice, that ended abruptly due to this. The run was not perfect by any means, there were quite a few downs on most players behalves, mine included, but it went smoothly enough where full books was not an issue.

Now, the finale made it interesting where two players not carrying grimoires have died, the host included. Me and the other grim carrier finished out the finale, rezzed the player who had died first because he had just revived (not the host), and the three of us went on our merry ways to the bridge of shadows with all 3 tomes.

It was at this point that the host, who was a level 28 elf, respawned on the exact opposite side of the arena, while we were just about through the tunnel leading to the portal. Host began typing in chat saying to rez him, presumably for the extra 50-100(?) xp since he was level 28, but we just kept going because nobody wanted to waste that much time running back and forth at the end of a stressful run.


So, we all hit the portal, all safely inside with the host still typing, and suddenly the game ended – he had left, leaving all 4 of us without anything despite being within the portal.

This is not a post to bash fatshark for not having dedicated servers up and running right now, I understand that they are working on it. This is a post to shame all of the hosts that intentionally leverage their host powers to get people to do what they want. And yes, wasting an extra minute or two for 100 xp is arguably the three surviving member's faults, and we could have gone and rezzed him, but I digress. Just thinking about it, 1200 xp and either a General's or Emperor's box, versus absolutely nothing, and yet the host still decides to screw us all over.

So, if you somehow come to be the host of a quick play match, please don't get some super power trip and come to believe that you're holding the other 3 players hostage, with loot as their reward for respecting your wishes. Play nice fellow ratslayers, and thank you for reading my /rant.

TL/DR: Host leaves legend full book game as the 3 remaining players are standing within the bridge of shadows because they refused to run back a minute to revive him for the extra minuscule experience.

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