Warhammer: Vermintide

don’t know what fatshark is planning but I want the red halberd so bad

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I used halberd on kruber subce level 1 and kruber was my first character and I still mostly playing in kruber.

and I don't have the red halberd. got some red items but not halberd. luckily for me I don't got much duplicated but… I just want halberd. I don't mind somehow my whole inventory is blown away and I have only one red halberd. I love halberd. if fatshark make a halberd plush I will buy it and snug it every night. if they sell red halberd for 20$ I will buy three halberd for each career. the reason I play vermintide 2 is now to use halberd. I like kruber by character itself but to me he's more like just a 'halberdier' than a imperial soldier or whatever. has a lots of other melee weapons? wow but that's not halberd. my ideal loadout of Krubers' melee weapon choice is 1h halberd, 1h halberd with shield, 2h halberd, dual halberd, triple halberd, especially long halberd, short halberd, axeless halberd, spearless halberd, blunt halberdm, exucutioner's halberd… or anything. I use halberd on every career, armoured halberdier, halberdier with bow and normal halberdier. if they changed the name of other weapons like 1h sword to wierd short halberd, 2h hammer to stupid halberd or anything I will pick them and play. and they need to add throwing halberd ranged weapon.


after playing vermintide 2 my medieval fantasy is just halberd and halberd. I think warhammer chose the wrong weapon to represent its whole world, it should be 'warhalberd' or just 'halberd'. it can be used on 40k. 'warhalberd 40000' and space marine should use power-halberd not power sword or any stupid things like that. ghal maraz is stupid. look at the artworks picturing karl franz wielding ghal maraz on his pet griffin. the slightly long one handed hammer just cannot hit anything on ground since that griffin is so big and he's up too high. he need a longer, proper weapon like halberd. if the most powerful imperial weapon-relic was halberd not stupid one handed hammer endtime was just ended like karl franz charges into archaon, push and attack, attack again and repeat that and archaon would just dead on instant. archaon doesn't have a halberd. no match. I think he is a everchosen material anyway since he did climbed up that high without using halberd. deserve a credit for that.

my goddman orange halberd (which has 4.x% I put so many dust in that but never got full stat) has killed soooooo many things I think it should be considered as relic or something, I feel bad for that halberd. I kill rats, I kill chaos raiders, I block attacks, I blocked heavy blow of rat monsters countless times.

I think new red crafting system should include you can craft red item, not so easily but like played enough time or did enough think than the orange weapon can upgraded into veteran weapon, and that literal 'veteran' weapon should have unique skins.

I mean, it's called 'veteran' item. my halberd is orange, but it is a literal veteran item. that halberd seen enough experience to get level 30 by its own I think…

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