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Don’t step on each other’s toes

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I'll just put this up front, chances of this post improving my experience is slim to none, but even if some people see it and heed the advice it will help others in both saving them aggravation and probably having them complete more maps.

When people start playing Legend, or even if they have been playing legend. The two BIGGEST reasons why groups fail are communication and coordination. I'm not gonna go over the former because all you have to do is be willing to talk to your team, but I will talk about the latter.

The biggest fault, as people say is 'chasing the green circles', which is a broad oversimplification of the actual problem. There is a lot to this.

When you hop into a game you have to take into consideration what your team is equipped with. Don't give me this "you should be able to complete the map with whatever". yes you can but chances are you won't. For that sort of thing you generally need people who are comfortable with each other and know tendencies/abilities. So say everyone is playing some sort of DPS class. Yeah that's fine, but it is also much less lenient to mistakes. Playing with people you for example never played before and you can almost guarantee that mistakes will happen.

  • Have something against armor, primarily Shielded Stormvermin and Chaos Warriors. if you don't have anything that deals with it then someone do something to change that. Be it that kruber brings a gun, or Kerrilian brings a glavie, or whatever.

And now to the crux of the problem. Stepping on toes of one another. Quite frankly people see an enemy and they tunnel vision. They don't take into consideration what other teammates are thinking or doing about it. And you know what? Chances are they are thinking the same fu*king thing. As in "I see that, I kill that". So say you see one stormvermin and few clan rats. Everyone is going to generally want to kill that damn thing. You know what also tends to happen? Most people tend to ignore the clan rats. So if a melee is bee lining for the stormvermin, he might get whacked, or the clan rats will flank and whack someone else.

To ranged classes. If you see a melee class engage a stormvermin. Don't shoot at it, especially beam sienna. This is bad for MANY reasons. One you can hit the guy trying to swing at it. Imagine kruber is trying to time a swing with executioner's sword. You accidentally hit him, which jerks his aim, he misses and SV lives and his swing then chunks the health. Second you could be doing something else, like making sure nothing is flanking people engaged.

That now comes in with hordes, and this is where I get annoyed the most. People tunnel vision hordes. ESPECIALLY ranged classes. If you see a foot knight, or ironbreaker, or mercenary engage a horde. Let them at it, as as a ranged class you should watch for specials which will fu*k the day up. Nothing worse than that hook rat sneaking through the horde and yanking the melee guy into it causing instant death because you were busy shooting the horde. Only contribute if you see large numbers are piling up at their face and they have no means to push them back.


Next is lanes. If you see two people in a lane. Don't be that guy. Turn around and watch their back with the other person. Also don't switch lanes because you have nothing else to do, that's how shit ends up sneaking up on the team and team can wipe. Sometimes the best thing to do is NOTHING and just watch for shit that might happen.

Exercise restraint. For melee classes this means not wasting your ammo on stormvermin (unless shielded), for ranged classes that means taking into consideration that melee classes can kill that one or two SV and you can do something ELSE.

Not having a sense what your team is doing overall is probably the number one cause of failures on legend. Everyone is guilty of it at some point. What you should do is try to be self concious of all your actions not just react to "ooo shiny". Say huntsman brought a pistol. You see a Chaos Warrior. Don't shoot at it, don't engage it. Kruber can kill it in 1-2 hits, all your interface does it makes the damn thing flinch potentially making kruber miss and prolonging the experience.

Stick to your role. If you are beam sienna, you are NOT on horde duty. Yes you can do it, but that isn't your job unless there is no other choice. Your job is looking out for specials and dealing damage to the boss. Yes the shotgun is good, but it is also only necessary to use in emergencies. You have teammates don't try to encompass everything because you will bite more than you can chew.

Kerrilian and Salts also have issues with overextending and not being mindful of what they want to do. Pick a weapon that compliments your team, not necessarily "but i wanna play this". It isn't just your fun, and everyone is happy if people actually finish the map.

"But the game is unfair and throws us unreasonable shit". When I play with pre-made people I win 9/10. Very rarely does it happen that you get that 'complete bullshit' spawn because in most cases you have means to handle it. It's rare but 12+ monks around corner with no warning can happen in tight quarters, but 9/10 when you fu*k up and wipe it is on all ALL OF US, you, me and the rest of the team. Yes there are bugs, but they aren't as common as they were few patches back. It's also rare for me to have a bug make us wipe with a decent team.

Making mistakes is ok. Everyone is gonna make a mistake, but be mindful of it. Understand what sort of mistakes you made, minor or major. Major ones people might call you out on, but minor ones probably only you will notice. Make a mental note of it, every time you miss, every time you make a bad judgment, repeat it in your head, because more you do it, less it will happen in the future.

So if you actually read any of this, try to be mindful what your teammates are about to do, and what they are capable of doing, then make decisions what you are going to do.

This doesn't even cover resource managing, temp HP issues or other stuff, but that can be managed.

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