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Drop values from datamined loot table for Red gear

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Code from the loot table: https://pastebin.com/EPDuJ0pw

I was able to extract the loot table lua file to check the exact drop values for red gear. They're labeled as "unique" in the files.

Edit: another interpretation by u/Zulunko below

I took a shot at understanding the weight system. I believe what the section on "weight constraints" and "level constraints" does is scale the weight based on the level of the opening character from the minimum "weight constraint" value at the first "level constraint" value to the maximum "weight constraint" value at the second "level constraint" value. These weights are then likely used as simple weights; that is, each weight amount is simply the proportion of total weights that need to be met in order to drop the item.

Namely, this means the proportion of red items are as follows (according to "rarity_weights_tables_new", not "rarity_weights_tables" which does not include level information) on a level 30 character:

<=Champ Soldier's: 0% Champ General's: 1.5% Champ Emperor's: 4.8% Legend Peasant's: 3.4% Legend Commoner's: 4.3% Legend Merchant's: 7.7% Legend Soldier's: 9.1% Legend General's: 10.1% Legend Emperor's: 16.7% 

The initial assumption would be that these are per-item from a chest, but I'm not sure I have enough data to back that up, so take the percentages with a grain of salt. However, these percentages make much more sense than the raw weights because they are normalized by the total weight of each tier.


As you can see, the weights steadily increase with difficulty, with the exception that Legend Peasant's and Commoner's chests are lower than Champion Emperor's chests. This makes sense, however, as to get a Champion Emperor's chest you have to be quite lucky and you basically have to run with 2g3t, but to get a Legend Commoner's chest you can easily run with no grims or tomes even if you're not lucky at all (mission completion + QP bonus ends up putting you at Commoner's). Unlike with the raw weights, there is no weird drop at the Legend Soldier's chest. The Legend Emperor's chest is massively high, but that's once again because you have to get quite lucky in a 2g3t run (or run a super hard deed) to get it. Note: based on this information, do not open the chests at or above Champion General's on anything but level 30 characters.

On Champion chests, the drop rates for reds scale down to 0 by level 25 and seem to scale linearly, so a level 28 character only has a little more than half the drop rate for reds that a level 30 character does (legend chests have a minimum weight that's above zero, but they still get higher from level 25 to 30, so you should still only open them on level 30 characters).

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