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EAC is a serious resources hog, Part 2

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Fatshark. I've expected that EAC team is not going to fix their software. You can call me a pessimist. I did not get any kind of reply or notice from them, since April 11.

Also, days after that I got my Steam support ticket (about high CPU usage by Steam.exe) closed with a notice:

Thank you for the information! We determined that the CPU usage and hang is caused by a complicated conflict between this game, the EasyAntiCheat software, and our own VAC anti-cheat technology. I have forwarded everything to our VAC team for further investigation. I can't say exactly when, but they will try to release a fix soon.

Now, you'd say that they just wasn't fast enough to fix this "bug" in Steam yet. But I'd say there is no bug in Steam or VAC, and Valve was just going to solve the problem by contacting EAC for technical discussion, so EAC could fix their software. Perhaps EAC just did not reply to Valve either? That wouldn't surprise me.

I didn't play V2 during last weeks much, mostly due to EAC. Today decided to give it a go after latest huge patches. I don't know. Seems like there are even more lags now during hordes. Also there is something wrong with sync – often enemies only die a second after I hit them. Ping or matchmaking issues? Maybe. But still those delay issues looked far more apparent than even in V1. Not sure if the delay can be long enough for an enemy to hit me back before the server knows I hit it first.

Anyway, back to my EAC issues (those described in first part are mostly still there too):

  • After playing just one QP game and exiting the game, I see Steam.exe uses ~12.5% of CPU again (I have to kill its process to make it work normally, again). That's as bad as running a crypto-miner at the background at all times. 12.5% is 100% of 1 CPU core for 8-core CPU.

  • If I try to open a web browser in Steam Overlay, the window is being blank for 7-9 seconds, only after that Google shows up. With any other game, it takes less than a second for Google to load.

  • If I try to close that web browser window, sometimes the whole game (along with the overlay and even mouse cursor) can freeze for ~0.5-1 second.

  • I have a very simple software running at the background that switches my sound device volume between ON/OFF (through nircmd). When V2 is running, it takes ~7-9 seconds for the key combination to work. I have to press the key combination and wait 7-9 seconds for sound volume to switch. Normally, it's instantaneous with any other game.

Dear god.

You know what, Fatshark? I accept to play with cheaters. You can try to create a third realm where cheaters are allowed, with EAC completely disabled. Just allow a normal progression for such realm. Keep that savegame and progression separate, let everyone who wants to play without EAC to play the game normally. If there are cheaters, let them be. Ignore all reports about cheaters in this realm. But maybe also allow some basic functionality like kicking and banning certain players on server, maybe also for matchmaking of individual players who chose to block someone. Maybe listen to more feedback about how you can improve functions of how players can deal with cheaters themselves. Would that be too difficult?

Also, perhaps not really related thing. Do people still recommend each other to verify game files in almost each case of issues? It seems EAC was the only thing that made you start recommending everyone to verify their game files at some point. That shouldn't work like that. If Steam allowed person to launch the game, it means it was properly downloaded and nothing could modify or remove the game files. No, just because the game is huge doesn't mean that its files can randomly break. If your game contains the code that is capable to tamper with the files in game folder (which may actually be the case with V1 at least), it's probably a good idea to fix this code, instead of recommending everyone to verify 20-30 GB of files. Or mention that only people who tampered with the game files themselves should do that. That would be fair.

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