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Empire Soldiers in Versus Mode as friendly NPCs

warhammer 9 - Empire Soldiers in Versus Mode as friendly NPCs

It seems like Versus Mode will be largely the classic Ubersreik 5 versus both the hordes of the Dark Pact and player-controlled Skaven Specials. This seems a bit unbalanced- Specials under AI control are already immediate threats, and with both human control and the regular AI waves and patrols to distract the heroes, things could get frustrating easy. I think the odds ought to be evened a little.

We know that the Empire's armies and peoples haven't yet been wiped out- handgunners at Fort Brachsenbrücke fire down from the walls, and you can run into and free prisoners from their cages. The presence of Imperial state troops fighting alongside you would make it much easier to deal with both the regular enemy attacks and sneaky enemy players, as well as providing some foes for player Skaven to deal with when the Ubersreik Five aren't lying about; overall, making the battle for the map much more even and interesting.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty details:

Empire Soldiers would not act like bots, but rather like friendly AI enemies. They would not be mission-critical/escorted; while their presence in the battle is valuable, their deaths don't affect your outcome. They would be immune to all friendly fire and would not deal any to heroes, even on higher difficulties. If they aren't doing something else (e.g. in battle or patrolling) they would start following you once you encounter them.

Finding Empire Soldiers would be done in a few ways:

  • They could be found in cages or otherwise tied up, and could be freed in the usual fashion. In Skaven-dominated maps where Empire presence would be otherwise unlikely, this is the only way you'd find them.

  • They could spawn in random locations, either alone or fighting Skaven NPCs. In Empire-dominant maps such as Fort Brachsenbrücke, they could spawn standing guard akin to how Dark Pact infantry sometimes appear lounging around.

  • They could appear in larger Empire Patrols in various maps. These would be small platoons of Empire soldiers marching in formation (chanting"SIG-MAR SIG-MAR SIG-MAR"), and would behave like Stormvermin patrols in response to Skaven, though obviously less powerful.


Empire Soldiers would be superior to Dark Pact infantry in toughness and skill, but would in all cases be far less common and overall less powerful than Specials and Elites. They would be divided into the following types:

  • Halberdiers would be some of the most common state troops. Their attack patterns would be comparable to halberd-bearing enemies such as Stormvermin- able to do overheads and sweeps as well as stabs- but with much less damage and stamina effect. They would wear chestplates and a variety of hats and helmets.

  • Swordsmen carry swords and shields. Their attacks are less threatening than halberdiers', but they are able to block akin to Bulwarks and shield-rats, and have more stamina for it than either. They would be about as common as halberdiers, wearing the same armor.

  • Archers would be more lightly equipped, with just a uniform (reminiscent of Kruber's Huntsman getup) and a longbow. They would function somewhat like Ungor archers, but with better aim and firepower, and would prioritize shooting at unarmored enemies before elites.

  • Handgunners would be similarly lightly equipped, but target specials and elites first with their powerful shots. While they would still be firing hitscan bullets, their aim would "lag" somewhat behind moving targets, making it possible to juke their shots.

  • Greatswords would be the rarest type of Empire Soldier, wearing full plate and floppy hats, and bearing a two-handed sword. They would be broadly comparable to Stormvermin in threat level, bringing heavy attacks and toughness to the table.

Archers and Handgunners would be unarmored as all other Infantry. Halberdiers and Swordsmen would not technically be Armored (that is, negating attacks) but would possess more HP to reflect their chestplates and helmets. Greatswords would, however, possess the regular armor effect sans head.

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