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Endgame – few words about progression system

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I just hit 250 hours with Vermintide II. It was nice journey and I am glad i decided to join this adventure. But by the same time I noticed… some problem with this game. Lets take a look at steamcharts:


For first month – averange playerbase – 30k

For this month – 16k

For this week we have about 10k

I just realized… Vermintide II don't have "endgame". And I believe this is the reason, why people decided to leave. There isn't much you can do after completing the whole game on legend and leveling up characters to lvl 30. And I believe most of the players can achieve this under 250 hours. It is possible even under 130-150 hours if you have strong premade of four.


Red items, deeds and cosmetics are nice addition, but it is hard to find fun in spending hours for few % chance of drop. It may work for a couple of hours. 25? 50? 100? But there comes frustration and boring. Many of my friends just decided to take a break, because found it pointless.

I believe there is place for some improvement. Dead by Daylight may be example – it is almost impossible to maximalize everything. 3000 hours at least. This is still optional, but you at least feel, that every point you gain you spend on something. Maybe some "prestige" prizes?

Bounty board may help – but, from my point of view, this is still solution for another 50-60 hours.

I would like to invite you to discussion. How do you feel after 100, 200 or 300 hours?

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