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Explain Stuns, Stagger and Knockback to me

warhammer 2 - Explain Stuns, Stagger and Knockback to me

Hi all – as a player with many hundreds of hours in the game now I feel I have a good grasp of the Power system, the breakpoints via the many complex spreadsheets and such. But one factor that constantly eludes me as to how EXACTLY it works ingame is the way in which your attacks and pushes stun/stagger/interrupt/knockback enemies.

Can someone in the know explain exactly what variables are taken into consideration when you either a.) Hit an enemy with a normal or charged attack and b.) Push an enemy?

There seem to be three factors that are worked out when you hit or push an enemy:

  • Does the hit actually make the enemy flinch/get stunned at all? All pushes will make an enemy flinch or stumble to some degree, but a hit with a Hammer or 2h Hammer will often stagger enemies whereas a non-killing blow with a sword will tend not to.

  • Is the enemy doing an action (like a chaos warrior overhead) which grants additional protection from being interrupted?

  • How extreme is the enemy's reaction to being staggered? Do they do a short stumble animation, do they get pushed back a little, do they go flying back miles, and do they fall on their back and spend time getting up.

With regards to the above three calculations, what determines each? I assume POWER is a factor, so if you're very low power and hit a Stormvermin with a hammer it'll barely move, but if you're 600 power then it'll stumble backwards… but is Power affecting the chance to interrupt, the amount it stumbles, or both?

Does each weapon have a "bonus stagger" value that boosts power when calculating it? I assume so as 1h Hammer and 1h Sword do similar damage but the Hammer knocks things flying more. And is this bonus value a flat rate for a weapon or is it a value attached to each different type of swing? (An example maybe being the Flame Sword which has very little stagger on lights but the Charged attack pushes things miles).

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Finally, and perhaps the most important aspect of my question – now that Opportunist works, exactly WHAT does Opportunist affect? Devastating Blow was clearly noticeable in VT1 – your shields would go from just pushing everything back miles, to literally knocking everything on its ass so it had to stand up, which was an addition 1-2 seconds of CC on everything, so it was super strong.

  • Does Opportunist just add 50% value to the Power Value of a swing or Push when calculating stagger amounts? Does it ONLY affect Pushes or does it affect literally everything the weapon does? I've heard mixed reactions to this and it's very hard to test solo.

  • Does Opportunist allow you to interrupt attacks like Overheads that a weapon otherwise would NOT have been able to interrupt, or does it only boost the staggering amount they get pushed/knocked back if the weapon would have staggered anyway?

  • Does Opportunist make a noticeable effect on the amount of time enemies are stunned if they're knocked back?

  • Does Opportunist allow weapons without much stun value to do any noticeable extra stunning (is it worth it on a 1h Sword), or is it only really worth it on weapons with already high stagger?

Hopefully my questions get around the specifics I'm trying to find out. I miss Devastating Blow and its simplicity and how easy it was to work out what its effect was doing. I've tried weapons with and without Opportunist and sometimes it feels like Opportunist is making things fly 8 miles further than normal and stun things for ages, other times I questoin if it even works at all.

The most important factor is not just whether it pushes stuff back further, but whether the 50% boost actually allows you to interrupt things that you couldnt do without the Trait, or adds CC to attacks/pushes that otherwise don't have it. If all it does is make already-interrupting-attacks push mobs back 2.5 meters instead of 2 meters then it's kinda useless, but if it lets me interrupt things much more consistantly then it's a kind of hidden CC passive.

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