Warhammer: Vermintide

Fanmade Hero banther

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - Fanmade Hero banther

I really enjoy the banther of the Heroes (shoutout to @Mank_Flannery for doing an awesome Job) so in my free time a wrote some myself. When you like it, ill make some more, otherwise just think of a passionate Player beeing creativ.


  • Kruber: Say, Kerillian seems we slowly get along very well, ay?
  • Kerillian: You dream…I still hate you all.
  • Kruber: So? Why still fight with us?
  • Bardin: I say nothing brings folk more together then bashing in skulls side by side!
  • Kerillian: Simple, i just hate them more.
  • Bardin: laughs Now you remind more an more of Wutelgi
  • Kerillian: Don´t push your luck lumberfoots…

  • Victor: To speak of the Name is forbidden. No matter how mighty or urgent. Do it again and i shall execute you for heresy in the Name of Sigmar!!
  • Bardin: Did Azumgi asked him about that dork rotten blob of a god again?
  • Kerillian: Worse, he approched him with "Victor" by accident

  • Lohner: Bloody vermin! Those creatures won´t quit.
  • Kruber: Oi, what is it? Bad News?
  • Lohner: You bet! I expected delivery of supplies this morning. But the wagon was raided by those ugly little buggers. They took everything: Corn, cheese, ale, fresh wa….Wait Markus, where you going!
  • Kruber: Joining the Skaven, this war is lost!

  • Bardin: I always wondered Zharrin
  • Sienna: Bardin…no
  • Bardin: It´s just a simple question, so..
  • Sienna: Stop!
  • Bardin: But how do you take a bath, you know with all that Flames and fire.
  • Kruber: I would imagine naked and with water… just like me.
  • Sienna: Now look what you have done!
  • Bardin: My sincere apology.

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