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Fatshark, bot options page please

chivalry screenshot1 - Fatshark, bot options page please

Fatshark, can we please have new page in game options to toggle certain bot behaviour? I don't think it would be that much of a work to implement and it would help a lot.

Examples of bot behaviour toggles:

  • Don't use leap/dash/charge during hordes, instead use ranged weapon. I don't play with foot knight, handmaiden and slayer bots, because they tend to chase specials with ult during hordes, get surrounded and damaged badly or downed.

  • Don't chase distant specials. A lot of games were ruined, because all three bots chased distant special, leaving me grabbed by leech, packmaster or pounced by assasin, or because bots chased specials far ahead pulling a lot of roaming armored enemies or patrol, while the rest of group was still fighting with other threats.

  • Stick with human players, no matter what, if there is a patrol.

  • Pick up grim on sight, if there's only one human player in game and if player pinged the grim. Prioritize tanky bots to pick up grim.

  • Prioritize human players with healing. I have seen numerous times, when I was low on health (5-10hp) and another bot carrying medkit was also low on health, that the bot healed himself, not me, even if I was carrying grim and tome.

  • Use ranged weapon on special, who grabbed/pounced player/other bot. Bots never use ranged weapon to help incapacitated teamplayers, but chase them for long time, or they use charged attacks, which take forever, on player pounced by assasin.

IMO these toggles would help a ton.

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