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Fatshark, can you please not make ranged even stronger?

chivalry medieval warfare 16183 1920x1080 1024x576 - Fatshark, can you please not make ranged even stronger?

As some of you probably know, some ranged weapons on beta got a significant damage increase versus super armor (chaos warriors). Examples here:

I'm quite concerned with the fact that nobody is talking about it.

While I see possible reasons behind these changes, I feel like fatshark is missing the whole picture – currently, ranged careers are too strong. It is especially notable for weapons capable of utilizing scrounger (which gives you 2 ammo per crit hit meaning that you can basically restore most of your ammo by spamming ranged into hordes).

Crossbow is already overpowered on itself due to it's high damage and spammability, even not on BH.


The most disturbing change, however, is elven longbow. Yes, she had no ways to deal with chaos warriors from range prior to this change, but why did you guys think she needs it? It basically was one of the few things to balance her infinite ammo out (which is a thing NOT only on waystalker due to scrounger if played properly). Mark my words – longbow WS is now probably on par with xbow BH, especially if you can pull off headshots vs bosses.

These changes make it so that you can two-shot chaos warriors with crit headshots (WS longbow or xbow bardin/saltzpyre with just some +power) using spammable ranged weapons which were already strong.

Some people say that it opens up for build variety, but I don't think that making ranged even more overpowered is a good way to achieve it.

Don't get me wrong – I'm totally fine with ranged weapons being able to deal with everything – as long as they don't have infinite ammo, which is a thing mostly because of scrounger.

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