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— Fatshark, for heavens sake, Make Quick Play Respect Steam Blocks

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So this guy just wasted a whole run. His name was 'i wan t bana', but it doesn't matter – he's already changed it, he's changed it before, and he'll change it again.

There were dumb antics but nothing so explicit as to make obvious how it was going to end. Is he just a bad shot? A newer player? Doesn't know all the basics to the game yet? Does he just not know how friendly fire works? Is he a foreigner who doesn't know English or just typing like that to annoy people? Did he really "accidentally" fall off a ledge and die right after picking up the grimoire?

Once we got to the portal, it became clear. He stopped outside the portal and started team killing.

That's when I realized he was the host. Damn. Nothing I can do. He just wasted all of our time. He can make us wait or quit. After wasting even more time, he starts team-killing everybody, but there isn't time to kill him off and let the rest of us in the portal end the mission – he just quits. Instead of the level ending and giving us our rewards, the game kicks every other player standing in the portal back to the start of the level. No rewards. Not even experience. Just the indignity of waiting through the load screen, the level camera sweep, and then quitting.

So of course I go to report him to Steam's player tab to block this guy. But lo and behold, I've already reported him and already have him blocked. He's the same guy who did this before. All he did was change his name and not spam slurs like the last time. Vermintide2 enables people who you've blocked to talk to you and matches you up with them in QuickPlay. It doesn't matter if you blocked them before – a simple name change (or just not recognizing the name because there are still a couple thousand players and it's hard to remember everybody's name) and they're right back to the trollin'.

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Fatshark, I can put up with your stupid dust system that makes me have to take 20 minutes when I finally get a new red item because of stupid RNG. I can put up with mysterious ping values, bad connections leading to successful games just ending in unintended host drops, or imbalanced weapon choices. I'll patiently wait for simple bugs fixes to get fixed, for basic problems that were fixed in a previous patch that crop up again to get fixed, problems solved in VT1 to get fixed, or issues promised way back at release to get fixed.

But don't enable trolls to waste people's time. If I'm going to use your QuickPlay system as you obviously desire the community to do, and if you're going to put this game up on Steam, at least don't match up people who explicitly block others so that they can 'sneak around' the block and get back to trolling, slurring, or just plain up wasting everybody's time because we trust your QuickPlay system.

Note: I know it's only occasional games, but this is still too many, especially if I've blocked the guy before and he can just change his name and show up and do it again ~a week later. This stuff kills communities.

Note2: please don't say "just block him"; I did. He changed his name and apparently can still chat and Voice Chat despite blocking him out.

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