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Fatshark: Please Fix Bugs Before Modifying Difficulty (Legend)

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So there are a lot of posts on this sub of people saying legend is too hard with too much RNG, and people seem very focused on too many special spawns (disablers are a big focus). To some extent this is true, but I really think some of this focus is in the wrong place.

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think the game is too easy for me. I think I still have a lot of learning to do, and I really think Legend should be a challenge even for the best players. I’m not nearly at the top of the skill ladder, yet I have a decent success rate on legend with pubs. This is why I don’t think legend is harder than it should be.

The true issue that is ruining legend runs for skillful players is bugs, not the quantity of special spawns, nor the combination of hordes/patrols/specials/bosses. If it weren’t for these game-breaking bugs, almost any combination we are presented with in game is manageable if you are skilled and coordinated enough. Examples:

Silent Spawns or Delayed Sound The biggest thing this applies to is disablers. Every disabler’s attack is avoidable, whether it be dodging a leech or hookrat, and shoving or dodging an assassin. So even if multiple disablers are spawned together, a good team can manage it if they can hear them coming. Even if you miss a dodge, if your team is expecting a disablers they can probably save you quickly. I really love having multiple disablers spawn at once, but an even more challenging issue to address for that to work properly is overlapping audio cues. If two gutter runners spawn at once, it’s important that you can hear the two separate gutter runner’s distinct cues. The simplest way I could imagine would be via back to back announcements that overlap, but I know that the games audio cue system is very complex.

Silent spawns also apply to patrols, although I’m not sure if the source of the issue is the same. Patrols are bugged in almost every way at the moment, which is a huge issue considering that patrols are often game ending when alerted.

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Spawning Locations and LoS These two issues often compound on each other resulting in a truly awful experience. Gas rats, gunners, and blightstormers will frequently spawn outside of the map where you can’t see them, which wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for the fact that they can shoot through walls or cracks so frequently on so many maps that it happens in almost every game. Gas rat projectiles can just plop right through the wall and land on you without notice or time to react. Gunners will shoot through layers of walls that sometimes you can’t even shoot back through. Blightstormers are probably the deadliest special in many situations, which can cast a storm toward you through a crack then teleport miles away leaving you with no way to kill them. These issues can result in frequent unavoidable chip damage, or even run ending downs or even trapped teams. No amount of skill can avoid these, plus it just makes the game feel so buggy and broken.


Enemies can also just spawn right behind your back or in your face. This is completely ridiculous because it’s immersion breaking and it also leaves you with no time to react even if the audio cue works. Enemies should be spawning outside of your 360 degree LoS to give you time to locate them before they’re attacking you.

Patrols Alerting a chaos patrol in legend result in a game over the majority of the time, which I’m okay with… if they weren’t so buggy and unavoidable. This kind of run ending mechanic needs to very polished to work. The list of bugs goes on:

-Silent Patrols -Spawning On or Near Players -Stuck Patrols -Isolated Enemies Being a Part of a Patrol -Teleporting Patrols -Stacked Patrols (This happens to hordes and specials occasionally as well)

If these issues were fixed, then good teams would be much more capable of avoiding patrols, and that would result in a huge winrate increase with less unavoidable losses.

I know there are plenty of bugs that I haven’t acknowledged and/or forget to mention. But I just wanted to highlight the most prominent game breaking bugs that I think should be fixed before the devs tinker with spawn rates or difficulty any further. You shouldn’t be trying to balance a broken game, and I believe if these bugs were fixed then the game would become a lot easier and less unfair. For players like myself who want to be challenged for the months to come, I think it’s important that we have a very difficult mode that we can always be working toward getting better at. Reducing spawn rates wouldn’t even fix most of the issues in legend due to these bugs at the moment. Thanks for reading through my post, I hope I was able to shed a little light on my thoughts regarding the current state of this game, especially in regards to legend difficulty. On a side note, this was my first lengthy post on reddit so I apologize for any poor formatting.

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TLDR: It’s important that we fix the bugs that are ending runs and killing enjoyment before we even consider adjusting difficulty and spawn rates.

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