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Fatshark, please give us a single-character queue

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So I'm currently trying to go through and complete all the missions on Ironbreaker on Legendary on Xbox One. The queue for Convocation of Decay took like 10 minutes. The game tried to cancel matchmaking due to "inactivity" 3 times. It just kept trying to make me join missions as other characters.

I get they're trying to fill games up, but if I am queuing for a specific mission as a specific character there is probably a reason. And having my matchmaking extended because they keep trying to make me play something else is incredibly frustrating.

Sometimes I don't mind hopping in the first available game as whatever character, I just want the option to have a dedicated queue that doesn't waste 20-30 seconds every time a game I clearly don't want to join is found. I would much rather have had it skip straight to hosting the match instead of canceling matchmaking due to inactivity.


EDIT: Just now 6 times in a row(and counting) it tried to make me join a game with a single other person, a dwarf, while i'm playing a dwarf. That makes no sense.

EDIT 2: Seems the dwarf found a Kruber. it's tried to make me join that 4 times now. Got the inactivity message again. Fatshark, if I don't join a match the first 10 times you give me the option then I'm not going to the next 5 times. This is ridiculous.

EDIT 3: Seems there's an option for this on PC already which is great. Fatshark, could we please get this on consoles?

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