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Fatshark, Rewards and the way to get them start to grow stale.

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With the recent addition of the Bögenhaffen chests and cosmetics in both recent big patches, I would like say something about the state of rewards and the way to get them.

Currently we have different kind of rewards, in this case meaning loot that are the carrot on the stick that makes us continue playing this great and fun game. The rewards we have are reds, cosmetics and portrait frames. Once you reach max level/heropower with a character and you start to do Legend runs for the highest chance to get the best gear, almost everything that drops from boxes becomes salvage material. i find this frustrating, because the value of the boxes become less, but most alternative ways of getting rewards gives mostly boxes.

We have Okri Challenges, which give a steady supply of boxes, but when most boxes give junk, it isn't a satisfying reward really. You did add the recent new hats challenges for leveling a certain characters and these, plus the ones we already have giving something else than lootboxes, are great. The weekly challenges for the new DLC chest are also nice, although so far most weekly quests just seem to be bigger version of the ones we already had, but maybe the new ones just haven't been available yet.

A alternative challenges/reward system is the deed system, but I barely play those because the rewards doesn't seem to be worth the challenge. For a feature that was spoken of as the new big feature of the sequel, I find them dull and pretty disappointing. I don't find the mutators that game changing and the rewards are just more chests, which as a reward feels lackluster, because the contents have a high probability of having salvage material.

long story short: I feel the current route for big rewards (reds, cosmetics and portrait frames) is an exercise in frustration, but choosing no to do so isn't compelling either.

I feel there are two factors that play in to this.

The amounts of rewards: So far there are pretty much three rewards like I stated: reds, cosmetics and portraits frames. Sure, more of those would be great, but this won't help the problem, because the drop rate for any is always low. I am not suggesting the chance drop rates, but having more kind of items that could drop would be great. We still have the portraits in the keep doing nothing. We have new looks for the keep that we can't use to give more personal flair to our lobby. we have this big area outside the keep, but nothing to change it.
Deeds just give a extra challenge for another lootbox, but if the potential contents are not that exiting, getting another box isn't either, so getting a deed isn't either.

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the amount of options to work for rewards: almost all the rewards we get, we get them from boxes. this pretty much results in rolling the dice and hoping for the best. In the case of the new DLC chests, we are guaranteed to get something new of the pool of new items. This actually makes these chests exiting. The only exception are the previously mentioned challenges that give frames or cosmetics. How it is now, just playing quickplay is the best way of getting the most rewards. Sometimes you do a specific level for a specific challenge, but QP is the best way almost every time. This results that whenever I choose to play a specific level, I feel I am screwing myself over. The exceptions are a boss level with the extra loot die, or when I go for a level specific challenge. Only in the case of the latter this mostly results in doing hard work for a chest, which I don't find exiting with the current potential contents.

I know u/FatsharkRobin stated they prefer feedback with clear problems, which I hopefully made clear, than solution based feedback. I still want to give some solutions just to illustrate how I perceive this problems and potential solutions for it.

I like the idea of setting my mind on a specific rewards and working for it. Like playing Monster hunter and doing specific monsters over and over again for a specific reward. Or keep doing dallies for that one mount in World of Warcraft. The first game had something like this, with the daily resetting items you could lock in and work for. I wish this game had something like that, but instead of a one common way to work for it (doing daily quests for keys), there should be more specific rewards with specific challenges. I think with the different enemy factions and separate acts you have potential to do something like this. Having a reward for killing thousand skaven, or have parts drop of enemies for a item you can make only be lootable in the levels of act three would be great. It gives a incentive to do certain levels and gives the player the opportunity to work for something. I suggested somewhere else that Fatshark should use the Skulls system they had in the first game with skull for the skulls throne event, that would add a currency in the game for maybe specific rewards or something like a random vendor that visits the keep.

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All of these are just suggestions, but it gives the player to choose the stick and carrot they are pursuing instead of the frustrating non-choice we have now.

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