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Fatshark’s attitude towards Solo players is honestly perplexing

warhammer 6 - Fatshark's attitude towards Solo players is honestly perplexing

With the recent sanctioning of the Host Solo Quick Play mod, I was eagerly looking forward to finally playing some Quick Play missions. I play Vermintide 2 solo, with bots, because I don't have any friends who play the game and I'm not interested in playing with randoms. At the end of a long day of work, I just want to kill some rats by myself in peace. I don't want to worry about griefers, or trolls, or ping. The reasons, frankly, are irrelevant. What annoys me is that Fatshark doesn't seem to want me to do this.

See, before they sanctioned the mod that allows Solo players to make use of Quick Play, they made the mod developer remove the ability to create a private lobby. Meaning that if you install the mod, and start up a quick play game, nothing can stop a player from joining your game. Which is precisely what happens. After three attempts tonight I simply turned the mod off and resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to get the Quick Play bonus for any missions I completed in the foreseeable future.


I simply cannot understand why Fatshark hates players like myself. I bought the game, heck I bought the DLC, so how is me playing the game by myself hurting, or indeed affecting, anyone else? It's not like there's dedicated servers that I'm using up slots on.

The point of Quick Play was to stop players from just picking the fastest, easiest map and just running that endlessly. So why on earth isn't that an option for solo players? Why exactly has Fatshark gone out of their way to specifically exclude this bonus from players like myself?

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