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Feedback based on 80+ hours of beta gameplay

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Note: This was also posted by me on the Fatshark Beta Forums. This is also my first post on Reddit so, sorry about any formatting issues.

Let me start by saying that I am a Vermintide 1 veteran with 700+ hours of playtime, and I spent most of my time in the beta playing on the nightmare/champion difficulty.

I am making this post to give feedback and suggestions about specific things that I would like to see introduced or changed. This feedback is also coming from the point of view that it is better to release the game as harder and then make it easier with balance patches than release it with broken/exploitable traits and trinkets and then patch it to be harder later. I will be focusing on things that work in a game breaking way rather than things that simply don’t work or feel too weak.

To start off, Vermintide 2 felt great to play, the combat is great, the visuals are improved, the maps and scenery are great to look at and the sound design is very well made to the point where you can tell where everything you hear is located. Based on my gameplay experience in the beta, I will make a list of things that I felt need to be looked at.


1- It felt weird not being able to see ammo count while using a melee weapon and I would like to see that feature return.

2- I love the training dummies in the keep and I would love to see all of the damage types included. Right now we only have the normal and armored type, I would like the resistant and super armor to be included too if it is possible. (Not sure if berserker armor is anything different but if so then maybe that too)

3- I felt that the lack of mini-patrols (The six rats that spawned and chased you in V1) makes the game less strategic. As of right now there is no real reason for a players to watch their back against incoming attacks unless a special or a horde has spawned and is making noises behind the player. The game felt more exciting to me when I always had to be on my toes rather than just pushing ahead and killing whatever is in front of me.

4- Bloodlust felt like it allowed you to fill all the way up on white HP too often and with the combination of the Natural Bond trinket (life regeneration/no heal items), it just becomes too powerful. I would suggest to significantly reduce the amount of temporary it gives but lower the rate at which the temp. HP ticks down.

5- The friendly fire damage is high which makes the nightmare+ difficulty vulnerable to team kill griefing (already happened to me once). I am not sure how that can be fixed without reducing the damage numbers. Maybe make it so the person who does the friendly fire gets the damage instead (not that it would make any sense).

6- I already posted about this but I would like for the experience points to continue post level 30 and for level up chests to continue dropping.


1- It felt weird that the leech/Rotblood sorcerer can let go of his targets when he is hit with ranged weapons but not when he is being meleed in the face. I am not sure if that was intended or if there is a certain stagger point related to power level or damage, but he didn't seem to ever let go of his target when I meleed him even at 600 hero power level.

2- The blight stormer should not be able to teleport off map or behind unreachable obstacle while still casting his storm. This was especially problematic in wide open areas such as the fields in Against the Grain (act 3) or the arena in Seed if Corruption (act 1) I would suggest that he should either stop casting if he is forced to teleport or that he is restricted to teleport only short distances while he is casting his storm.

3- Gutter runners now feel harder to dodge multiple times. You can dodge their first pounce but their re-pounce cooldown is so low that if their initial pounce lead them to stop on a close by object (tree, wall, etc..) they can pounce again before you can dodge a second time. I also don’t think that having the cooldown of their pounce be tied to difficulty, since that will set up players who play on lower difficulties for failure when they move to higher ones.



1- I am sure that the Devs know by now that the barkskin (50% damage resistance after healing) trinket trait is broken as it can interact with bloodlust which counted as healing allowing you to gain 100% damage resistance after 2 kills. I am not sure if the trinket will be worth using once it is fixed, as I don’t see much use to it other than drinking a heal potion in the middle of the horde and hoping that you can tank it. I would suggest to keep the interaction of the trinket with bloodlust as is, but reduce the amount of damage resistance to 1% to the maximum of 10%. This would make the trinket more useful and fun as it requires keeping the kill count up to get a bit of protection. It would also allow for plays like throwing a bomb at the horde when someone gets downed to gain the extra protection when reviving them.

2- Going back a bit to temporary HP, I felt that the ability to regenerate actual health whether from the elf’s ability or from the Natural bond trinket is too strong especially with the presence of HP buffers like bloodlust and should either be nerfed or removed from the game.

3- The concentrated brew trinket tait (potions are not consumed when used at the cost of HP) felt too exploitable. It can be used to speed run with a speed potion or with a concentration potion combined with certain low cooldown abilities like slayer’s leap. I am not sure if this trait was just introduced for the speed run challenge or not, but it definitely has no place in this game. I feel that it will be still be exploitable even if it costs actual HP and even if it costs 50% of your HP, since some characters can just block or regenerate that damage. I suggest to remove this trinket trait from the game.


I mostly played Saltzpyer and Bardin in the test beta and got them both to lvl 30 and max power level as well as a bit of Kerillian (lvl 13). I used mostly rapier and flintlock pistols on the Bounty Hunter career for saltz. I used single handed axe with drakegun flame thrower or grudge-raker on Iron breaker for Bardin.

1- Saltzpyer:

The flintlock pistols feel to strong right now especially on the Bounty Hunter career. They have minor spread, no reload and deal massive damage. They also have a very quick rate of fire while holding right click. I would suggest either reducing the damage or reducing the ammo count so it hold about 10 ammo (meaning 20 ammo for Bounty Hunter). This also goes for the flintlock tied to the rapier which ia ssume will not have infinite ammo on release. The crossbow felt good to use. It still hits multiple targets, but it did less damage against infantry (no armor) than the flintlocks did, which should not be the case, as the crossbow only has 1 shot followed by a reload. (It deals more damage to armored than flintlocks at least)

2- Bardin:

For Bardin, I felt that the Iron Breaker career is essentially easy mode, since his damage resistance feels like it lowers the difficulty you are playing on to the one lower than it (playing on nightmare felt like playing on hard) and since he gets one free hit every 15 seconds from Gromril Armor. I would suggest that the extra resistance he has is removed, and only the Gromril Armor passive remain. I understand that the career is supposed to be played as a tank, but right now Iron breaker has no setback to combat so he is basically just a tankier DPSer. I would prefer that his damage resistance be replaced with shield buffing stats instead (extra stamina, faster stamina regen, etc..) to make him fit more into his role. The drakegun flamethrower also felt too powerful at clearing hordes at very low heat generation. You can essentially fire it for max duration at least 5 times before overheating. I would suggest that it generates more heat lowering it to 2-3 full charges. I also understand that there was a bug where if you were not the host then the Irondrake skill trait (reduce heat generated by 30%) did not work properly, and that is how I feel the amount of heat generated should be with the Irondrake skill trait selected.


I also wanted to mention that I mostly played as host so the off-host bug should not apply here. I also hope this post doesn’t come off as too whiny, what I mentioned was just specifics that could use some change in my opinion. But, I still love and will be playing the game either way.

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