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I have played a few hundred hours of VT1 and now a few hours of the VT2 beta. Overall I think it is a big improvement and I like it alot. Here are the improvements I think would make the game better:

  • Loot screen

It feels like there is a lot of unnecessary things when you finish a game. Watching bars fill up is not engaging in any way and it takes too long. Also I feel it is pointless to get boxes that I have to then take to a pedestal to get another set of opening animations to finally get the items.

Fix: Give the items after showing the rolls without the boxes alltogether. Or make the bar-filling phase skippable.

  • Enemy AI

What I noticed alot was enemies, even though coming at you in an open field, formed a congaline of sorts. This made it quite simple to mow down the line with ranged weapons. This also did not feel natural at all for the enemies to come at you this way. I also found chaos guys with big 2h axes making big weird leaps towards me sometimes even though there were teammates closer to them.

Fix: Make the hordes spread when in open areas or when there is space to do it, instead of running in a line.

  • XP

I felt it took too long to unlock the character classes. If the point of them was to have variety for characters and not have classes better than others, the level gating is not necessary.

Fix: Classes open from the beginning to test out different playstyles with characters.

  • UI

Otherwise I felt the UI was an improvement and very easy to understand, but the character icons to the left side felt out of place and I didn't get what purpose they served. I was constantly close to my teammates so noticing their distress came naturally and I didn't find a use for the health bars there. I would've also liked for ping to be visible when tabbing to score screen.

Fix: A more compact version of hero icons if they are necessary, ping visible in score screen.

That would be my feedback for a few hours of playing. Didn't want to dive too deep because the progress will be wiped.

EDIT: Also a bug where Siennas hair particles multiplied like crazy and lagspiked anyone who came near her happened.

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