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Feedback from a new player

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OK so this subreddit seems salty AF 60% of the posts are all hate and Dev bashing I'm not surprised Hedge is taking a break this sub is toxic you should be ashamed. Coming into this game as an outsider and their are so many positive points and well executed things that people seem to have straight up forgotten about.

I've not played VT1 and am new to VT2 So While I can't really speak for past events I can speak as my current experience. This game for me has so far been extremely fun, infact I'd say I've enjoyed it more than left for dead so far. The combat is fast and fluid and has more depth behind it than I was expecting. The classes are well done and varied, regardless of issues with specific talents or balancing (which I personally have not come across yet) so far I'm only about 40 hours in but the loot progression system is working well again it has much more depth to it than I initially realized and I'm still progressing my heroes at what I consider to be a good rate.


Sure I've had crashes (More than I expected) & disconnects losing me loot and time but every game has issues be toxic and salty doesn't resolve these things.

The main issue's I've encountered with this game have stemmed from the community (Being ranted at for using my my ammo for non specials, Being straight kicked because I wouldn't use certain weapons, Being straight kicked because wasn't high enough lvl etc) if this is what its like a veteran I'm not sure I ever want to play Legend.

Ok I'm ready for my downvotes now.

TLDR: New player liking the game, but ashamed for the comunity

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