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Fire. What is it good for?

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This isn't a post to talk about the Fire Witch but rather incendiary bombs and oil lamps.

I feel like I must somehow be using them wrong or just missing something but they seem…underwhelming.

If you throw down a bomb enemies will near instantly shift to move around it, which is fine behavior because most people don't like being immolated (Salty and Sienna not included if their in game banter is anything to go by).

The problem comes in when you manage a good bomb/oil barrel and they have to go through it, and then they do and outside of the epicenter of the explosion it doesn't seem to really do anything. I kill a few enemies with the initial explosion and the fire doesn't even seem to tickle the rest.

They just walk through unconcerned for the most part. I know on the harder difficulties I don't want them to just instantly die, but it feels like an honest waste of time to pick up incendiary bombs at this point because they don't even stun bosses (hell I don't even know if it damages them much if at all because none of them are ever in it longer than half a second).


I'm not asking for it to suddenly kill Chaos Warriors who are wearing magic armor, but outside of some cosmetic difference it doesn't even kill clan or slave rates? The hell is the point of it then? The only real use is if you use it to shunt enemies into a different direction for a second so your party can ff and insta gib them, but in that case you probably had the coordination to not need to do that in the first place and they (the fire duration )doesn't last all that long at all.

What am I missing here? Are these wonder weapons I and I'm failing to grasp the incredible ways to use them or are they in need of some love?

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