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First Impressions of Legend Difficulty

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Looking for some advice on how to improve and not get kicked from public games.Just had my first few rounds in legend and got removed from two games.Deservedly so I must say.I don´t want to complain.

All my friends moved on before they even got to champion,I really like the game and now felt confident to try.Champion with my main FK Kruber is a breeze now and I chose a build that can pretty much deal with everything.I learned to look for my own first and foremost and it worked out well even if I was the last man standing.Of course I stay close to my team, giving support where I can.Always looking for specials with the Handgun was also a priority.But it seems knowing the basics and how to handle my class doesn´t cut it for some players.I understand that,in these games I just ended up beeing the player that doesn`t stick to plan.


I guess these vets really knew all the good positions and how to approach the map and so just expected me to take my role and place.A lesson was learned though…time to get rid of some champion habits and learn some basic stuff new.In a way felt bad to join some really good players and mess up their game…

I also had some successfull runs now but I`m not really sure on how to improve from here on.I read some post here and it seems constant communication is a good start.Just wanted to make this post to encourage some leniency for us lone wolfs that think they are worthy.

Thanks for reading.

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