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Fixing Zealot and Green HP – Zealot Ult Ability Rework Suggestion

warhammer 1 - Fixing Zealot and Green HP - Zealot Ult Ability Rework Suggestion

So as we all know, zealots and team regen have a very hostile relationship, caused by zealot getting less powerful the healthier he is. This leads to a lot of people not taking team health regen abilities on Waystalker and / or Grail Knight. Now personally I think it is a big of a bogus situation, if 75% of the team lacks healing benefits because of one career and their stack system, and I propose a solution to fix the issue, which would make green health desirable for Zealots too.

Change zealot passives and the ult! Making zealot ult work as a toggleable "Holy Fervor!" ability! It would add a constant health drain on zealot, but buffing zealot. For example, basic toggleable ability would enable Holy Fervor, during which time zealot starts gaining buffs to his damage and attack speed. Change the talents so runes would provide various other benefits, such as improved movement speed, increased attack speed, faster gain of power stacks the further ult progresses, increased damage reduction per stack of ult or even more power, just to throw few more ideas. Ult would be toggleable on upon refreshing cooldown, and the longer it is going, the more powerful zealot becomes, up to a point. At any moment Holy Fervor can be toggled off as well, upon which the cooldown to refresh class ability starts to tick again. The idea is that zealot drives himself further and further into zealous rage, draining himself via overexertion but gaining power as his fanaticism deepens. The current class passive of increased power with less hp gets removed, but perhaps grant him a baseline 10% melee damage bonus as class passive instead.


Just as an example, baseline would be 10% buff to power for the first 10 seconds, then get another 10% buff for the next 10 seconds and finally another 10% buff after 20 seconds of Holy Fervor have passed. During this time zealot loses 1-2 hp / second (numbers obviously up for discussion and altered based upon testing and balancing). Holy Fervor would *not* affect ranged power, only melee power, in order to better fit zealot role as a melee dps class.

Intended mechanic is to allow zealot to toggle the ability on when he needs more killyness, but to be careful to avoid damage and not to over-exhaust himself via the constant hp drain upon using his ult.

This would mean that having team regen in a party would be always a desirable buff for everyone in the party, would help mitigate the issue of zealots being forced to play on "low" hp and still retain class identity as a supremely fanatical and zealous melee monster. Yes, it would slightly nerf zealot by not buffing his ranged damage, but I think the tradeoff is fair.

Thoughts and ideas on how to further adjust this idea are more than welcome, so feel free to comment below on what you are thinking.

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