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Flail vs Mace/1H Hammer

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So ever since the flail got AP on all of its attacks its been amazing. You can do some proper work with it and not feel like you are nerfing yourself, yet its still not overpowered. Its nowhere near the level of the halberd, glaive or flachion but it still deserves a spot in the meta.

If we compare it to the 1h hammer or the mace, it has – AP on all attacks, more damage and stagger and it goes through shields. Sure shield piercing should be exclusive to the flail, due to how the weapon works, thats fine, but as it is the mace and the hammer are not really in a good place. Giving them armor piercing and the ability to stagger armor on all attacks, but still keeping the heavy attack as the best anti armor option would go a long way to bringing them up to meta levels. They also really need abit more damage so that its easier hit more breakpoints with them.


And honestly I wouldnt mind removing or replacing the third attack from the light chain. The upwards diagonal swing is really hurting them. Its hard to hit multiple targets with it and more or less impossible to headshot. It would be best if it gets replaced with a downwards diagonal swing thus giving both weapons a moveset similar to the flail. Two lower damage wide swings for cleave followed up by 2 high damage narrow swings for headshots.

And they would also have a different role than the flail. Since they cant pen shields and their heavy attack is meant for defeating armor, more than the flails(which is useless tbh), they would earn the title of crowd control/armor killers, like the 2h hammers, but with less damage and more mobility – what they should have been to begin with. And the flail? Well if you want to be able to kill stormvermin patrols easily and never care about shielded units, well then the flail is for you.

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