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Foot Knight Kruber deserves a third passive

warhammer 2 - Foot Knight Kruber deserves a third passive

It seems that Kruber's best bash buddy Bardin has three passives for his Ironbreaker class, and when viewed in direct comparison to Ironbreaker (whom Foot Knight is very close to to, in terms of resilience and role) our favorite mustachioed Sergeant is a bit lacking.

Ironbreaker Bardin:

30 percent damage resistance (comparison to Foot Knight's 10 percent, which is only brought up to 25 and then 30 with his other passive, and a talent pick) Extra Stamina Shield (which Foot Knight has as well) Stun resistance (No third passive)

Now, not to make a direct 1 to 1 comparison, because you can't really. Foot Knight is more of a Bruiser archetype then a traditional Tank that Ironbreaker fulfils. However, its generally accepted that as useful as Foot Knight is, he's slightly worst off then the other two careers, Mercenary, who lives for the horde with his enhanced cleave and extra crit, and whose ult was recently buffed, and Huntsman, who's been nerfed quite a few times, but is still a very potent ranged damage dealer, especially with the buffed repeater handgun.


And I say Kruber's been a good lad, and deserves something special from Santa Sigmar. Please Fatshark, won't you consider giving our favorite battering ram a third passive? I have suggestions, ordered from least powerful, to most powerful.

Conditioning: Kruber is well conditioned to wear the armor of a Reikshammer Knight. +30 percent stamina regen

Few other characters have stamina regen as a passive, only Kerillian comes to mind, and hers is more powerful, and an AoE

Indefatigable Duty: Kruber's renewed sense of duty lends his sword-arm strength against the enemies of the Empire. +5 percent attack speed

More attack speed, why not? Only Slayer Bardin has another attack speed passive, although he only has the one, and at a higher bonus

Rampart of the Reik: I just wanted to work the word Rampart into this post. Enemies struck by Valiant Charge take 10 percent increased damage for 10 seconds.

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Look, Slayer gets a passive called Path of Carnage. Enough said.

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