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For funsies: WAAAGHhammer: The Green Tide

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Ideas for alternate versions of Vermintide have been knocking around pretty much since the release of the first game, and I've played around with the idea myself in the past. So, just for shits, I thought I'd knock out an outline for a Greenskin-focused version of our beloved game of whack-a-molerat. Nothing can really touch the Skaven in terms of being a perfect fit for this type of game, but the Greenies are pretty close, and honestly, what kind of monster doesn't love Greenskins? They are the quintessential Warhammer faction. Nobody else in Warhammer strikes such a perfect balance between being simultaneously badass and funny.

(incidentally, I am still waiting for someone to make an ARPG where you get to play as a Warhammer Orc. How awesome would that be?)

Before we dive in, some explanations:

I am going primarily based on lore, while taking some direction from the tabletop game. I am not going primarily off the tabletop stats because

A) The Tabletop game was definitely flawed

B) Even if it had been perfect, it's still a turn based tabletop game, and this is an action RPG videogame (as if you could have ARPG tabletop games)

The other thing to note here is that, because I am trying to keep this lore-appropriate, this game would feel somewhat different to Vermintide. The idea here is not to just copy over existing models and leave everything else untouched, although in some cases a simple reskin would be totally appropriate.

Because of the nature of the Greenskins, this game would have more of a focus on fighting smaller numbers of tougher enemies. It would still definitely have hordes, but not quite in the same way as we do with the Skaven.

Now, to be clear: obviously some gameplay concessions have to be made. Just because I'm going primarily off the lore does not mean I'd just blindly copypaste from it into a game.

Anyhoo, 'ere we go.

The regular enemies, in ramping order

Goblins: Clanrat equivalents. Come at you in swarms just like Slaves do, but with the stats of clanrats and numbers adjusted accordingly. This means slightly smaller hordes. Can also be encountered as ambient trash.

Nasty Skulkers: Small groups (like 2-6) of double dagger wielding goblins that are extremely quiet and have a nasty habit of sneaking up on the player for some backstabs that hurt like an absolute bastard.

Orc Boyz: Marauder equivalents, except hit slightly harder and are slightly tougher. I would counteract this by having them be slightly slower (again, this would be in keeping with lore), but the issue is that marauders are already pretty sluggish, so pushing that attribute down even further would probably make da boyz feel kind of silly. Boyz come in regular and shielded varieties, just like Marauders.

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Savage Orc: Basically just a reskinned Savage, but hits a bit harder, is a bit tougher, and attacks at a slightly slower rate. Armed with two stone choppas.

Squigs: Bouncy balls of teeth and fun. Basically a space hopper crossed with a shark. Fast, aggressive, and to erratic in their movements, frequently switching aggro.

Big 'Un's: Mauler equivalent, right down to the big axe, or twohanded Choppa in this case. Unlike the Mauler, these guys would have no armor, but would come with a bit more health, as was foretold in the lore.


Black Orcs: Your Chaos Warrior equivalent. This is where I would say that a straight up reskin is appropriate. If we went purely by lore, the Black Orc would be even stronger and tougher than the CW, but less skilled with it's weapons. However, with Chaos Warriors in Vermintide already being so goddamn slow and clunky that reducing that even more would be absurd, I feel the best way to go here would be to just reskin the Chaos Warrior as an enormous, black armored Orc. One possible distinguishing quality we could have here is to not have super armor on the Black Orc (which of course the CW has). We could also give a little nod to the "Armed to da Teef" rule from the tabletop, and have Great-Choppa, Dual Choppas, and Shielded variants of these guys, but because I am a merciful god, we would 1000% NOT have unbreakable shields.


Fanatics: Only spawn during hordes. A goblin wielding a spiked ball on a chain bursts from the horde, swinging it around in merry circles. Does a fu*kton of damage and slight knockback.

Night Goblin Netters: Basically a goblin with a net. Immobilizes the targeted player, leaving him/her helpless as the greenies pummel them. Unlike with traditional specials, the disabling effect is not removed by killing the netter, but by destroying the net holding the player in place.

Foot of Gork Shaman: An Orc Shaman that summons a big stompy ethereal boot that smashes into the ground from above, doing damage to the player and surrounding enemies, while also causing a significant knockback. These stomps continue until the Shaman is killed.

'Ere We Go!-Shaman: Only spawns with hordes. An Orc shaman that buffs the attack speed of all enemies in the vicinity. Effect continues until the shaman is killed. I could imagine this one being a real bastard to deal with.

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Doom Diver: The players hear a loud "TWANG", and at that point need to start keeping an eye on the sky, because there is a literal hang-gliding goblin with a spiked helmet angling towards one of them. Chooses a single target, and if it hits, does a fu*kton of damage. Can be sniped out of the sky or dodged, but don't try to melee it. Obviously this one would be limited to the outdoors.

Squiggly Beast Shaman: A goblin shaman that turns a selected player into a Squig after charging the spell for a bit. The afflicted player behaves exactly like a Squig would, attacking the other players. Effect lasts until the shaman in question is killed.


Stone Troll: On the tabletop, the party piece of this variety of Troll was that it had fairly amazing magic resistance. Since we can't really reasonably do that (wouldn't exactly be fair on Sienna), I'd propose it to basically be an armored Bile Troll. It can still puke, but not with the same proficiency as the Party Troll of V2. Does still regenerate just like the Bile Troll.

Colossal Squig: Name kind of says it all. In terms of behavior, fairly similar to it's smaller cousin, bouncing around switching aggro frequently. Can grab the player in it's mouth and munch on them, doing more damage over time than the Spawn with it's grab attack, but not regenerating.

Thanks for reading!

"Everfing I see is mine. All da uvver bits are mine too – I just ain't got there yet. When we reach da end of da whole world, we'll turn around and march back."

—Grimgor Ironhide, Black Orc Warboss

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