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For people that don’t use Ironbreaker ult/don’t know when to

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I've seen people say they go through entire matches without using his ult so here's what I do(unfortunately I can't record as my computer is a potato).

For Stormvermin patrols:

If you're using a shield, taunt as many as possible then chain shove->power attack->shove->power attack to CC them all.

If you're using anything else, taunt then kite away from your allies so they can flank.

For Chaos warrior patrols:

Taunt as many as possible and kite away from your allies so they can flank and have time to clear the ones you didn't taunt.


If an ally goes down during a boss with adds, taunt the adds off of an ally so they can go and revive your downed teammate.

Taunt if you just see a dangerous build up of armored/berserkers.


Taunt just for the damage reduction when you're going to take damage from a boss for example or if you're surrounded.

Taunt for the knockback if an ally goes down next to you, allowing you to revive safely.


In my opinion the extended duration talent is more useful than boss taunt because Chaos patrols are far more dangerous on legend and the long damage reduction is great.

The block trait on weapon to reduce stamina cost is excellent for taunting patrols.

When kiting use the terrain to your advantage by climbing and dropping off of things.

The idea is that you're taking the brunt of all their damage so that your squishier teammates don't get surrounded/gibbed.

I hope this helps people.

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