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For reals though: What was wrong with Q&C?

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I really don't want to add to the REEEE-fest that's already happening on the front page. I genuinely cannot relate to the way people take cosmetics so seriously, especially in a first person game where you can't even see the fu*king things when you are actually doing stuff. Whatever, that's not what this post is about.

What I am genuinely confused by is what the logic was behind changing Quests and Contracts, or rather it's V2 equivalent.

While I still 100% view progression in this game as being primarily about skill development, Quests & Contracts was a fantastic way of adding a little carrot as an "excuse" to play the game. A guaranteed item to work towards.

Boxes of loot are a totally fine way to organize loot from regular runs on maps, that I have no problem with. I think this system is vastly superior to how V1 partitioned out loot from maps, for multiple reasons. But when it comes to quests, the system of having a guaranteed item to work towards was just so much… nicer than working towards yet another randomized box of stuff.


The big thing is, as far as I was able to work out, V1's Q&C was basically universally praised. I never heard a single person say it was anything other than really good. So why change it?

I'm posting this to entreat Fatshark: could we please, please just go back to the old quest system? Please? I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who would complain. I don't know how hard a change like this would be to implement. I've done enough programming to know that sometimes things that seem simple on the surface are actually quite complicated, but I'm holding out hope.

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