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Forgive me Sigmar, for I have strayed

warhammer 10 - Forgive me Sigmar, for I have strayed

It was night, and Doug the Huge and Heavily Bearded – who spoke with gravely but gentle voice, and who was slow and ponderous in word and feet – plunged himself into the dark of the reclusiary to pray. He spoke thus:

“Praise be to Sigmar.

My Lord Sigmar… Please hear me out, for I am conflicted. You see sire, I feel that I’ve failed you, because it’s been nine days – almost ten! – where I haven’t carried the light for you. I haven’t carried it to where the vermin are… you see. ‘Cause well, I feel something. We all of us – in town and at the keep ‘been feeling it too. It’s like there are these winds coming – all foul, and dark, and… strange. It don’t feel right.

And so, forgive me Sigmar, for I have strayed…

I ‘ave strayed because I’m conflicted about these winds. One night – many nights really – I stood on the bluff and sampled these winds. Most of the winds were glorious – but wicked. And now the breeze is gone and I can’t smell it. And I think… it… twisted me… into wanting more. And I am so stuck on it, it’s smell (in my mind of course, I wasn’t really stuck), that I’m finding the lure of driving the live rats to back to be a bit dull. I’m bored really doing one legendary run after another for no sense of accomplishment..

I need a shake up.


Now, me and the townfolks have been talking about how some of the things coming on these winds smells pretty good. More challenging things to deal with – whiffs of beastmen and stronger hordes ahead (so me and my mates can flex ourselves a tad more). It sounds really great to me. You must know that feeling. Rumor has it that Master Bardin found a swingy weapon sitting there – ON FIRE – right next to his stunted little bed. ‘Bout set the whole thing up. ‘Course Sienna came around right quick and grabbed it – before she trotted off on one of her crazed night walks.

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Other folks have been talking about these weaves – or how these winds come together. I don’t pay that talk much mind. Maybe they come together well, maybe they don’t. But that’s not what I’m interested in, or maybe I’d randomly be interested in it – but it would have to be random weaves. Now see – got me talking like those other folks.

But back to my straying…

You see, having sampled these winds on the bluff, having tasted what’s there… well…. I need to get ready. I need to rest and train my talents. I need to gather my closest mates and get them ready for the winds too. I was bored with basic rat duties… but now I have more to reach for. So I’m waiting for the winds to land.

And sire… though I strayed, I will ride these winds back to your light. To be your beacon, stabbing out in the dark (or something like that… can’t recall what Kerillian said I should say exactly)… But I will be ready to guide your light with my ramparts."

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