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Forgotten relics weapon balance

warhammer 10 - Forgotten relics weapon balance

So we've all had some time to use or at least see the new dlc weapons in action. I'm curious as to what the community thinks about the overall power levels of the dlc weapons and how powerful they stack against one another and against the other weapons in that characters repertoire

I'll share my thoughts on the weapons from strongest to weakest

Moonfire bow-In my opinion the strongest weapon in this dlc and arguably a bit too strong. Has amazing breakpoints with its dots, good monster damage and even some horde control. The fact that it has no ammo makes it absurdly powerful since 1. you don't have to manage your ammo or run ammo recovery talents/traits and 2. Unlike the overheat weapons there is no downside to mismanaging your magic gauge besides the obvious of not being able to shoot. Previously waystalker would have to take the ammo recovery talent at 30 but with moonfire bow this is no longer necessary and you can spec into even more damage with the 4 shot talent. Overall its incredibly powerful but thankfully it does have some weaknesses and does not "replace" the other ranged weapons available to kerillian. Because of its tiny ammo capacity it's much worse for spamming that the quick bow can do, and it has a much slower swap after firing, akin to the long bow. So if you are trying to spam out shots quick bow is definitely better, it also isn't as good at horde control as the hagbane with its max 4 full charged shots and doesn't kill as quickly as the long bow. So it isn't the end all be all must pick weapon for kerillian comparatively it has weaknesses that the other bows do not. But it still does feel very strong, If I had to change it I would make it so that the bar recharges more slowly and if you deplete the bar completely you must wait until the bar is halfway charged vs the 1/3rd or 1/4th it is currently.

Spear and shield-Probably my favorite kruber weapon right now and if GK could use it it would be ABSURD. This is hands down the best shield weapon in the game, high mobility, amazing wave clear and with investment you can even stagger zerkers during their attacks. It has access to a weapon special which is a double poke while blocking that retains block. This means you can attack elites with impunity granted you have the stamina necessary to do so. Can block all unblockables on top of that making it very good against monsters too. That being said its armored damage is pretty bad. Especially since its best armor damage combo is push attack->Heavy->heavy which feels horrible to use. Overall a pretty balanced weapon while it is the best shield weapon in my opinion, some people will miss the shield bash that other shields have access to. It is definitely one of krubers best weapons but it still has to compete against the well roundness of the halberd and the anti elite power of x sword and 2h hammer.


Trollhammer torpedo- The most fun weapon by far in this dlc and although I totally understand why giving it to RV would be bonkers it's still kinda sad that half the bardin classes cannot use this weapon. This is the best anti elite weapon it the game. It's literally being able to carry 7/11 bombs that are restocked with ammo drops/crates. It applies your trinket traits too, so shrapnel and grenadier and even explosive ordnance. It makes such short work of patrols and bosses that it's almost laughable. Before ironbreaker had some serious issues dealing with patrols/bosses due to his overall low damage, especially if you chose a weapon with bad elite damage, but with the trollhammer you become on par with GK and shades. But this weapon has its glaring deficiencies. It's very difficult to snipe long range elites with this weapon. While you can deal with hook rats or flame rats a long range globadier/blightstormer/Gatling can be impossible for you to hit. This weapon also has a full on ~4 second reload time and can carry only 7/11 shots. This is on top of the immense friendly fire damage potential of this weapon since it really is just carrying more grenades. It definitely fills a niche in bardins arsenal that he was missing but it is not a direct upgrade to any of his weapons, the drakegun, and crossbow/handgun are all still viable since these guns just do different things.

Griffinfoot pistols-These guns are fun but I'm not sure how good they really are. Yes the horde clearing potential of these weapons are insane but losing access to special sniping really hurts the salty classes, plus WHC and zealot are both really good at dealing with hordes to begin with. Which means this weapon is probably best used on BH where it feels pretty good. These should be named the greencircle pistols with how much they devastate hordes and unarmored units in general. In general I find that dealing with specials is much more important than horde control but none of salty's weapons were that good against hordes to begin with so this weapon definitely has its niche.

Coruscation staff- This is the most unique weapon of the dlc weapons. It's right click can be devastating in the right locations and it definitely benefits from good positioning by your team. It's left click is meh. While it can build up heat like nobodies business it's odd that both the modes of this staff are meant to deal with unarmored targets. This staff cannot special snipe as well but it does have great monster damage. I don't think it's a bad weapon, none of the dlc weapons are bad weapons but this is the one I would be least likely to use. But to be fair sienna already had some amazing staves. It's really hard to beat the fireball/bolt/beam staves and this one at least for me certainly doesn't. I would have much preferred a new melee weapon for sienna

That was my long tirade of the new dlc weapons. What do you guys think about the new weapons?

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