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Fortunes of War: Unlocking the secret 4th map of the Ubersreik DLC, a complete guide

warhammer 3 - Fortunes of War: Unlocking the secret 4th map of the Ubersreik DLC, a complete guide

Only because I haven't seen anyone tie these all together, here's everything in one piece. All credit belongs to the linked Reddit threads and Particularist on the Blood Moon discord.

You need to find three runes to unlock the final map: one on each of the three DLC maps. You can do the runes on any difficulty. Suggest setting it low to make it easier.

Gardens of Moor

(Source). The image guide from the source thread has step-by-step instructions. To add a bit of context:

Wait until you have the "Find the source of the green poison" objective – in a courtyard you will find a skull you can turn.

There will be four candles to light in order (follow the image guide). It is lightly timed, but you can attempt the candles multiple times. You do not have to press the skull again if you fail (that confused us for a bit).

After the candles, a crypt behind the original skull opens! There will be a gargoyle head – someone has to lug that, HL2EP2 gnome style, to nearly the end of the level.

On the stairs before the final bell event, there is an opening to turn right into (again, ref the image guide). What's not obvious from those is that almost immediately after the archway you'll find a small area to drop down. Have someone other than the gargoyle carrier try it first. There is an incomplete statue on the wall right there.

Finally drop down to the left and follow the passageway to the rune!

Horn of Magnus

(Source). There are ten bricks throughout the stage. You need to find & press 2, 4, 5, 7, and 10 to get this rune.

The linked thread has reasonable instructions – I'll note brick #2 is a ways back from the prison / barracks stairs near a bush, not close to the stairs like the description might seem. Just a head's up.

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Once you do this, head back down the stairs leading up to the inn and turn right (IIRC). A small passageway will have opened up – in there is the rune!

Engines of War

(Source: Particularist on Discord). Video and Reddit guides from comments.


First, go to where the first grim used to be in the old version of this map was. From a v1 guide:

The first Grimoire is hidden in the first cave you enter after the initial swamp area. Stay to your left to find a small tunnel to an outside area. Jump and clamber your way along the left edge of the outside area to find the location.

There's a torch there. Grab it, and do the map normally until you come upon a log that you can walk through. Look to the right, there's a red flag. Do some jumping to get onto that flag and then off to the left into a secret area.

Toss the torch into the fireplace there. It looks like the host has to do this; as a guest later, I could not get it to work. YMMV. The fireplace will light & you'll get a voice line.

Turn your Gamma up in video settings – it's absurd dark in there (bugged maybe?) even after the fireplace is lit. There are three statues by the fireplace – take a screenshot, memorize them from Left to Right!

Do the map normally until the courtyard where the 2nd grim used to be (the zone text will be "something something Courtyard", very hard to miss.) Look for a wall with grated openings in it and a large tree that leans against it, you'll be able to jump on one of the smaller branches and walk along it to another secret area. Image guide.

There will be large versions of the statues you saw before (and some fake ones). Touch ONCE the skull on each statue you saw before, in the same order Left to Right that you saw by the fireplace earlier. A passageway opens and there's the rune!

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Fortunes of War

In your keep, go down by the crone and you will see a new pedestal that looks like this.

The capstone on top will have one corner lit up for each rune you have found.

If you have all three runes, the skulls can be toggled to change the difficulty, and then activate the capstone to start the final level! It was not clear if matchmaking works for this level. Enjoy!

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