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Found a niche use for crit power

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I was playing around on modded realm and in the regular one with crit build shade for giggles and then I noticed that with +40% crit power and without +15% from grim I can 1 shot 2 chaos warriors with dual swords (and those swings are pretty wide, so even if patrol is not clumped together you can still clip them).

Why dual swords? Are they as good as daggers? No. Are they way safer and better for horde – yes. And most importantly for me – it's fun.

The more stuff you hit (and dual swords cleave A LOT of stuff compared to dd) the quicker your ulti comes up. Even without cooldown on crit you end up lowering your ulti enough to have it up on any meaningful armour encounter (and remember, your crits still do dmg through armour on light attacks, in a pinch you can still deal with a few SV's or a chaos warrior or two without using ulti.

I run crit chance/crit damage with swift slaying on swords and crit damage/attack speed on charm (just my preference, I like more attack speed, you can swap in power vs of your choosing, prob chaos).

When it comes to talents I like dodge the most but attack speed is nice too. I run bigger backstab area because 75% power one doesn't affect her ability that much (you get like extra 2 dmg or something like that).


It's just fun dancing around with 2 swords melting hordes, deleting elites with your ability while still doing decent boss damage.

Why would anyone want to run this? Like I said, mostly for fun, but its perfectly viable for regular legend runs (good for clutching if you get chaos patrol, but then again so are daggers so it is a mute point), if anyone used daggers on a slight slope or off host (or both) you would know the frustration, it pushed me to try something else.

Shade with dual weapon has 30% crit chance, with this build it's ok to rely on crit for some breakpoints (mainly skaven slaves).

Just wanted to share off meta build with surprising (at least it was for me) interaction with chaos warriors.

Main downside is you need near perfect stats, with all reds I was hitting chaos warriors for 121 dmg each blade, they have 120 hp as far as I know.

Not sure if flair is accurate, someone please tell me.

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