Warhammer: Vermintide

Free weekender buying the game today. Warning long post.

chivalry banner cu2p1 1024x576 - Free weekender buying the game today. Warning long post.

I'm totally buying this. Im pretty upset with myself for never checking the game out even though I like the lore of Warhammer based off of what I've learned from the total war series.

My biggest problem is trying to find some good teammates. Playing on the recruit level in a free weekend I'm coming across mainly people like me, except worse. I try to help with as much as possible, but that's obviously very limited.

No mics, people not staying together, and some not even healing themselves. I've had a few good games and tried to add some others but havent had any luck.

Anyone willing to take on a new guy? Any discords that I could join? I'd like to learn the maps better and have some people who can show me where the tomes and the like are. I love lots of loot in my games and getting chests after every match is super awesome.


I'm currently at level 5 with the first dwarf and mercenary. I'm grinding to get to the iron breaker (who I know lore wise and in game are bad ass)

I'm not opening hardly any chest now and saving a bunch for ironbreaker and others down the line.

Im seeing a lot of criticism and the such on this subreddit but I still firmly believe this buy is totally worth it. I've already experienced one almost game ruining bug but was fixed by a teammate leaving.

The poor lad got stuck under the map "the pit" by a hook rat. That's at least what he said. We were all in the hideout waiting. Plenty of great games have stupid crap in them. Can't wait to get farther into it!

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