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After playing with the bot AI 9 times on champion, and failing every single one of those matches i would like to make some suggestion to the team who's in charge of the AI in vermintide

The main problem with bots its not they're fighting ability(well kinda), but theyre survivability :

*Bot don't have the ability to earn temporary health(only on legend), that should be change,from veteran difficulty and up, bots should earn temporary health per kill.

*Bots should have a quarter of the health regen if theres a kerilian(bot or player, even if the player doesnt have set skill equiped) just to boost theyre survability since theyre gonna have atleast 35% of theyre health,(champion and legend only)

*Buff the health on legend by 50% and 30% on champion, since bots dont have the reaction time of player nor the skill, they can compensate that for been a little bit tanky


*following the player is number one rule for bots for theyre survival, bots immediately target ambient chaos/skaven and separate from the player , against the grain is one example of that, they go and target regular ambient mobs exposing themselves to patrols and getting themselves killed in the process, making the bots always follow the player(in a non intrusive way so players can use range weapons) and retreating with the player (when a big horde comes) would be a nice fix

User Interface

*Would be awesome if we have simple commands to give to bots like, regroup, fall back, defend here.

*the ability to choose the bots and carrers of the bots before going into a match, in the game menu we could choose with type of bots we want.

I, hop the team takes notice that the bots need a little bit of love so the "single player" experience can be improve

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