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From Captain Saltzpyre

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Slaying heresy is a busy job, but any good Sigmar acolyte worth his Saltz needs a tool worthy of Sigmar himself. So I appeal to the superiors of the Order, which melee weapon would be best to shower vermin and northlander scum alike with righteous damnation. If I could glean but a minute amount of good information on the benefits vs the shortcomings of the arsenal choices, it would help greatly.

  1. Rapier- fast, effecient, albiet lacking in damage, I have trusted my life with a rapier more times than I can count. Its seems to cleave everything but only damages few and stagger the rest.

  2. Flail- I have witnessed time and again the children of Sigmar doling out purity and righteousness with the flail. It seems effective, but it just seems to be so sluggish compared to the standard rapier.

  3. Falchion- though it is not generally designed by those of Sigmars light, it has its…uses. I have seen many notable examples if its capability to clease the vermin rather swiftly, but am unsure if its an acceptable alternative to a rapier.

  4. Axe- Sigmar must have a sense of humor if he expects the fathful to chop vetmin as though it were firewood, but it almost seems as if it might actually work…somehow.

  5. Two handed sword- I only hear whispers of few skilled enough to bring light into the darkness with a weapon as unbalanced and heavy as a zweihander. And even then, they would have still been better served with something less cumbersome.

If anyone within the Order would be as generous enough to gift me with insight, it would help my predicament, and by extension, my… comrades.


 Victor Saltzpyre May you ever walk in Sigmar's blessed light 

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